Monday, May 16, 2022

7 Days of Ozzy - Day 2: Desire


One of my favorite songs on an album that is 75% favorite songs. The guitar on this album - and this song in particular - is, in my opinion, the heights calibre hard rock guitar can reach. It sounds so rich and fuzzy, yet retains fantastic definition. 

And, of course, great vocal lines, too. 


Bill Hader's Barry returned a few weeks ago and I only just found out. Over the weekend, K and I caught up and were pretty surprised by the tone of this third season:

One of this show's strengths is the way it balances its inherent darkness with some of the funniest shit I've ever seen. Part of that's the cast - Hader's fantastic, Anthony Carrigan (NoHo Hank) is brilliant pretty much every time he's on the screen, and Stephen Root is always gold. This season, the humor has, thus far, been seriously downplayed and we've been presented with a super dark take on the characters - especially Barry. Again, that comingling of tones has always been the strength of the show. Barry does not shy away from the reality of the concept: a hitman's a pretty dark protagonist. 

But it works.

Really not sure where this show is ultimately headed, which is always a good thing.


I spent a large part of the weekend relaxing and catching up on my comics. Here's what I read:

So nice to finally sit and read this one all the way through, start to finish, in one tight sitting. The Last Ronin totally delivers that old school 80s Frank Miller dystopian aesthetic, while retaining and drawing from the original, B&W Mirage series. Gorgeous art - the design of everything we see in this dystopian world is gorgeous, and visually seems the natural evolution of the original book's Manhattan. 

I'd dropped off reading James Tynion IV's The Nice House On The Lake monthly, simply because I lost a lot after its hiatus. sitting down and reading 1-8 in a sitting really took some time, and that just goes to show what a meaty story Tynion's telling here. Very cool story that's essentially a zombie-less update on Romero's Dawn of the Dead (in a way it is! Think about it!)


(Lone) Wolf & Cub - May You See Only Sky
Bexley - Lost in the Moment EP
Cypress Hill - III: Temples of Boom
Jerry Cantrell - Brighten
Calexico - The Black Light
Joseph Bishara - Malignant OST
Mike Doughty - Live at Ken's House
Calexico - Even My Sure Things Fall Through


A Conservative approach to an infuriating problem will serve me better than, say, a hammer beating. Loud and Clear. 

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