Monday, May 2, 2022

Hatching Rammstein's Angst


Easily one of my favorite videos to come out in years. I'm hot and cold on the band - I love when they release stuff like this and it gets me excited, but the excitement usually dissipates pretty quickly. Still, this is pretty freakin' awesome, regardless of the album's ultimate longevity with me. That new album, by the way, is Zeit, and you can order it HERE.


I had the unusual thrill of seeing this at, of all places, my local AMC theatre this past Saturday:


Hanna Bergholm and Ilja Rautsi's dissection of Finish Suburban perfection was equal parts Todd Solondz/David Cronenberg, and I loved it. For the new episode of The Horror Vision Horror Podcast, we begin with a spoiler-free reaction and then roll into an all-out discussion.


Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain
Lead Into Gold - The Sun Behind the Sun
Odonis Odonis - Post Plague
The Cure - Pornography
Calexico - El Mirador
Second Still - Equals


I'm definitely feeling an abundance or wealth of ideas of late, and I'm attempting to hold back the desire to switch gears from what I'm currently working on. 

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