Friday, September 30, 2022

Rein - Puppetmaster

Rein was the first act we caught at Cold Waves 2022 last weekend. Amazing set - to get up on stage and perform without the solidarity of a band, or even a single other musician, always impresses me. Doubly so for Rein, who really just exudes naturally compelling confidence in the world her music and video accompaniment creates, kind of a Cyberpunk Punk Dark Wave. This is one of my current favorite tracks on 2020's Reincarnated record. The percussive synths that slip in at about the one-minute mark, and then continue to percolate throughout the song really get my imagination flowing, much like the closing synth "fireworks" on NIN's Terrible Lie, one of the first tracks that made me experience what I now realize is synesthesia. 

Rein's official site is HERE and the Bandcamp is HERE.


Netflix dropped a new trailer for Guillermo Del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, the anthology series coming on October 25th. I'm not sure if I'm going to watch this trailer or not, but as always, I post this here to spread the word and so I have it in posterity:


I cannot wait to watch the Panos Cosmatos episode. 


One of the first posts I saw on social media this morning belonged to Nathan Ballingrud, author of The Visible Filth, aka Wounds. The post announced the UK version of the book, to be published by Titan Books in March 2023, with this gorgeous cover by Vince Haig. 

I had NO idea this was coming, so imagine the joy I felt seeing this first thing on my first day off while working in LaLaLand.  The US edition -  coming three days before my birthday next year - is no slouch either:

On this side of the pond, The Strange comes to us courtesy of Saga Press. This is Mr. Ballingrud's first novel. That seems insane to me, but I would imagine that is because he is so adept at building worlds in short-story form, that everything I've read by him resonates with the same sacred gravity that novels do. 


Revco - Beers, Steers and Queers
The Afghan Whigs - How Do You Burn?
Preoccupations - Arrangements
Misfits - Static Age
The Cramps - Stay Sick!
Rein - Reincarnated
Alice in Chains - Dirt


Strength and courage fortify for an upcoming breakthrough that may change things.

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