Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Heart of Rust

A little Thirsty Crows to kick off the day. Man, I miss these guys. Really wish we would have gotten a second album. That said, every song on this one is gold, so Hangman's Noose stands as a testament to an awesome band!


Another Wednesday means another NCBD!

After re-reading Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley's HULK issues 8 and 9 last week, I am beyond excited to get back into this "Hulk Planet" storyline. There is such the late 70s/early 80s aesthetic at work here, totally reminds me of Bill Mantlo's work on the book back then. Often, when we think 'cosmic' storylines from that era, we think of Jack Kirby. Not a bad thing, but there were other cosmic ideas floating around at the time, and Mantlo's stuff was just as influential on my imagination. 

The first issue of Night of the Ghoul blew me away. I'm hoping this is another home-run Horror title from Scott Snyder. I'm reminded of 2012's Severed, or even, to a degree, Wytches

Confession: I'm still not certain I understood the setup for Declan Shalvey's Old Dog in issue #1, but as usual, my confusion has only served to 

This Predator series has been pretty badass so far. Not what I expected when the property went to Marvel (aka Disney). Let's keep it going. Also, tell me that doesn't look like Aliens' Vasquez on the cover. 

Hands down, That Texas Blood is one of the best titles going. This is to Crime Comics what Fargo Season One was to Crime TV shows. It has this Outer Dark/Weird Fiction element intricately commingled with its gritty realism and small-town appeal. Such an odd and extremely endearing combination.

My love of X-Men Red continues in this post-Magneto world. Will The Quiet Council eventually disregard his wishes and resurrect him from an older backup anyway? One that doesn't remember giving up that right on principle to be seen as worthy on the Council of Arrako? Probably. That's the genius thing about just taking the stakes out of the perpetual death/resurrection of big-name superhero books: Once you acknowledge that everyone will just always come back, it sets up so many nuances that we couldn't have imagined previously.


Tilda Swinton in an A24 Ghost Story?




Opeth - Blackwater Park
Jello Biafra's Renegade Round Table Ep1 - Al Jourgensen
Bret Easton Ellis Podcast S6E22 - Barbarian w/ J.D. Lifshitz
Opeth - Still Life
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses

Now that I'm doing the whole work-from-home thing and no longer have a commute, I've hardly listened to any podcasts. I think I finally changed that today by exerting the effort to put in the earbuds and dig into the new Jello Biafra's Renegade Roundtable (thanks to Mr. Brown for telling me about this one). Because of this concentrated effort, I've decided to start logging any podcasts I listen to on the daily playlist.


Since I only use three decks, and since I drew from two of those yesterday, I wanted to consult my Thoth today for an early November reading that I will interpret as affecting the entire coming year.

Disappointment and Failure ultimately lead to good things. Isn't this how life always works? Do I need to pull another clarifying card?

Many ideas and the dangers of indecision threaten to instigate set-backs. All good things to keep in mind over the coming year as I dive back into Shadow Play Books 2 and 3, which are further along than I remembered (what a nice surprise that was).

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