Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Madrigal/The Amen Corner


From Opeth's 1998 My Arms Your Hearse. These are separated as two separate tracks, so props to efrain23 for posting them together. 


Can't wait to get into Rick's Comic City and pick up my books later today. Here's what I'm grabbing off the shelves for NCBD:

Hobgoblin may be the character that first got me to pick up a Spidey comic as a kid - I think my first was the famous Amazing Spider-Man #289 back in 1987. I've talked here before about how I never really followed any Spider-book on a monthly basis, only jumped on when the story/cover looked appealing to me. Hobgoblin was always a draw, and it's cool to see him - ah, them? - back again. After all, what's better than a Hobgoblin appearance? Two Hobgoblins! 

The penultimate issue. Daniel Warren Johnson's Do A Powerbomb is definitely a series of continued gut punches, and for the second year in a row, DWJ's leading my "Best of 2022" comics list. 

Benjamin Percy's Ghost Rider has kept me around, despite being slightly uneven. Issues that I expect to flop - like the one with Wolverine as a guest star - blew me away (so f**kin' gory!), but often after those tentpole issues, the series feels a bit by the book. I think I'm wrong, though, and I'm hoping the change at the end of issue 7 marks new territory. I don't love the implications of this cover, however, I've been reading comics long enough to know an arresting image like this will probably play no part in the actual issue.

This Moon Knight series is another that continues to defy my expectations. Marvel is really developing the "Midnight Sons" corner of their universe, most likely to usher in an eventual leg of the MCU, and that's alright in my book. In Moon Knight alone we've recently had Vampires and now Werewolves, so who knows where this is going.

J.M. Dematteis returns to the Kraven's Last Hunt lore? I'm in. 

In an interesting coincidence, I just caught up on The Nice House On The Lake over the weekend, so I'm ready for this, another penultimate issue. I'm not really certain how this book will wrap up by #12, but I have learned to trust the Tiny Onion.

I'm now three issues behind on this series; time to get my ass in gear. What a cover!


Pailhead - Trait
Lard - Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Cocksure - K.K.E.P.
Lustmord - The Dark Places of the Earth 
Tangerine Dream - Force Majuere
Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer OST
Opeth - My Arms Your Hearse
Opeth - Watershed
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (digipak)
Trust Obey - Fear and Bullets (1998 Edition)
Ghost Bath - Moonlover


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

A Breakthrough that leads to increased assets inspires determination and a new willingness to take on extra burdens. Vague, but it fits something in my life perfectly (I think).

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