Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Screaming Females - Brass Bell

It's about time I gave some love to this new Screaming Females record that came out on Don Giovanni Records back in February. Desire Pathway is, as a whole, utterly fantastic, and you can hear that represented as such in no better place than album opener "Brass Bell."


So, my fascination with Super Cyborg really resonated for about two lonely nights in my LaLaLand hotel room. During that time I managed to beat the game on easy, then on difficult, and finished about another 90% of it on hard. Hadn't played again really until this morning, after my older cat Sweetie woke me up around 3:00 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep. During this time, I finished off that final level and watched the 'expanded' ending - which really only included one extra image. Still cool, and I definitely enjoyed the game. So much so that upon finishing it I immediately fired up another side-scrolling shooter - Big Sugar's Valfaris!

My Horror Vision cohost Butcher mentioned this one to me a year or so ago - in fact, I believe he talked about it on an episode of the show! After hearing Butcher's review, I nabbed a two-pack on sale at the online Nintendo shop that included Valfaris and another heavy metal-fueled side-scroller named Blood, which I haven't been very successful with, thus far. 


Lamp of Murmur - Saturnian Bloodstorm
Lamp of Murmur - Punishment and Devotion
Brainiac - The Predator Nominate
Calderum - Lord Cramridor
White Hex - Heat EP
Deadguy - Work Ethic EP
The Darts - I Live You But Not Like That
The Bengals - All Over the Place


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

This is pretty much a picture-perfect view of things since I returned from LaLaLand. I flew home last Monday, 3/20, and because of the time difference, an 11:55 AM flight put me on the ground after 5:00 PM. A forty-minute rideshare later, I was home. The next day I had off work to have a tooth removed - a 20+-year-old crown had, in my dentist's words, either been put on the wrong way back when or become compromised on a minuscule level, so the tooth beneath had literally rotted out, leaving only dental filler and roots. Following this, I still have a hole in my lower right jaw that requires care and attention, not to mention strategically defined eating. So I spent the first week in L.A. walking nearly 70 miles, barely eating and stressed out, the second marginally decreased on all those things, and then part of the first week home on a liquid or "mushy" diet. Something about all of this has wreaked unimaginable havoc with my entire nervous system. I CRAVE carbs of all kinds. I can't stop buying things online (impulse control=0). I have no concentration. My sleep is a joke worthy of the Joker: two nights ago I slept 9 hours. Last night barely 3. My situation and temperament have changed (Wheel), affecting my entire person (Ten of Cups - the Fiction Suit). It will require a possible rededication ritual - a kind of personal calibration - to get my shit together. 

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