Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Wayne Shorter - The All Seeing Eye

Wayne Shorter passed away last week. To paraphrase something Mr. Brown commented to me in a text recently, the loss of the original Blue Note generation is almost complete now. When I stop to reflect on that, it makes me feel even further into the future than I'd realized. That might be a bit of an obtuse way to describe it, but it's early my first morning in LaLaLand and I'm listening to The All Seeing Eye and reflecting how this music that once provided a vibrant and, frankly mysterious, underlining to popular culture is all but extinct. And Mr. Shorter... well, there's a kind of Voodoo in his music, whether it's the work he did with Miles Davis or an album like this, it always sounds to me like he's summoning something.


Another thing I meant to post about last week - the Dead Ringers remake is on the horizon. Not sure how I feel about this, but I'll definitely give it a try.


Palehorse/Palerider & Lord Buffalo - Legends of the Desert, Vol. 1
Townes Van Zandt - High, Low and in Between
Meg Myers - Motel (single)
Burial - Untrue
The Veils - ... And Out of the Void Came Love
The National - High Violet
Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
Roxy Music - Eponymous
T. Rex - The Slider
White Hex - Heat EP


I'll be on my mini, "travel" Thoth deck for a while, and as soon as I picked up the cards, I realized how good it felt to return. I really need to mix in Thoth and Missi's Raven tarot again, as I've become a bit too reliant on The Bound Tarot.

Apparently, I may need some strategy in order to accomplish something I've set out to do. I mean, that a bit of a no-brainer; everything requires some degree of strategy. However, I think this is a reference to one of the reasons I'm in LaLaLand and the things I have to do for work. 

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