Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Perturbator - Dangerous


I had no idea this existed until just now. Love it (even if I'm not interested in reading the series; I'd rather just re-read the novel for the fifth or sixth time). Still, I applaud Sumerian for using their record label chops to strengthen their publishing ventures.


Two weeks ago, I watched Quentin Dupieux's Deerskin. This movie instantly became an all-time favorite film. 

I'd not seen Rubber, even though I'd heard good things. I posted the trailer to Wrong back in 2013 but never ended up seeing it. Now, I'm kind of obsessed with seeing all Dupieux's films. We did an Elements of Horror episode that just went up, a deep-dive into Deerskin and talking about it just made me love it more. Unfortunately, there is no standard-issue U.S. Blu-Ray; however, if you have a region-free player, there's a Region B on Amazon right now for a little over $10. TOTALLY worth it. 


After finishing Cassandra Khaw's Nothing But Blackened Teeth, I took a small detour from my next intended book and began re-reading the short stories in James Joyce's Dubliners

I like the idea of having a book of short stories I can go to here and there, and this is perfect for that. I'd never read all of these; this is a picture I found online of the edition I've had since sometime in late HS or early College, when I'm fairly certain volume-closing "The Dead" was assigned reading. I've been picking at these over the last few days, and will no doubt set it down soon to read my final book of the year, but while I'm on it, I'm loving the elegant prose and snapshot style, especially in "Eveline."


Moderat - II
Steve Moore - Christmas Bloody Christmas OST
Perturbator (Feat. Kabbel) - Dangerous (single)
Carpenter Brut - Blood Machines OST
Amigo the Devil - Everything is Fine
Opeth - Deliverance
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Baroness - Stone


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

• Five of Pentacles (Disks) - Earthly Conflict/Struggle
• Eight of Pentacles (Disks) - Earthly Transformation
• Ace of Swords - A breakthrough of intellect

This is one of the more mundane discussions I've had "with the cards," but I'm reading today's Pull as a definite nod to the conflict that always permeates our household between K's mother and myself. It's the age-old story of the mother-in-law syndrome, and I hate to fall into these kinds of "Life Tropes," however, the struggle is real, brothers and sisters. The message imparted here would seem to be "use your brain, not your anger," as I tend to steam for a while and then verbally lash out. Nothing too untoward, but arguments occur and maybe this year they don't have to.

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