Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have previously utilized Myspace for an ongoing exploratory/soapbox auditorium from where I subject any and all to my opinions/experiments. Part magickal diary, part tyrade, this has been my way of foisting my Will upon the world. Myspace is a giant corporate mega-whore, but having moved 3000 miles from all of the family and friends I have enjoyed for the first 30 years of my life, it has been a consistant point of interaction. They are mostly all on it (well, not my parents, but that would be weird, right?) and so it is easy for them to check in. However, I have wanted to branch out and find a space that is a little more 'mine' and a little less Time Warner Murdock, or whichever of the 6 major cluster-fuckers that own it now. This then is me, Shawn, my brain in print. Like I'm wiring up my fucking head and burning my most insightful, acidic or stupid thoughts into the electrosphere of this fledgling Universe we've created called the Internet. You'll laugh, You'll cry, You'll either ignore me or You won't, but over the previous two years since moving I have completed a transformation I began probably almost ten years ago - I have become a writer. Not someone who writes, no, I have always written. And I don't mean someone who gets paid to write (although that is the overall goal, right?) but someone who writes all the time. I wake up and I write. I sit down and I write. I stand up and I write. I help an ignorant douche bag customer at the bookstore where I work and while I'm putting the newest Janet Evanovich in their hands and listening to them prattle on about how life changing James Patterson has been I write in my head - burning situations and characters, words and worlds out of my synapses so I can go home and vomit it all back out into some form someone else can look at and say either, 'fuck him' or 'right on'.

Read if You like, otherwise piss off.

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