Thursday, December 13, 2007


I've started editing my first (and only completed of three) novel. Again. I've been writing this thing in one form or another since 2001 I think. It was the first real step on my path as a writer. Before that I was much more oriented as a musician. I miss that, especially the comaraderie of a band of friends, but in the end it is simply easier to rely only on yourself for follow through, follow up and outcome.

That being said, there are strange, abstract elements of my life as a musician in the book. Nothing overt. No rock star characters or anything like that. But there's this certain feeling that occurs when you strike that stride with a room full of mates on instruments, and it seems to happen in moments with the characters, like you're all performing the same magnum opus at times.

I've mentioned it before on Elsewhen, but I have for some time known I 'suffer' from the phenomenon known colloquially as Synesthesia. This, I believe, plays the most important role in all of my creating, essentially making all of it, the writing, the music and the painting (if you can call it that. I need to come up with a better term for running colours together on a canvas and then ripping-rending-accenting it with bits of odd detritus from around my life) the same process in a weird, extra-dimensional way.

It's something like 630 pm and I've been up since about 130 or 200 AM, after sleeping really only 2 or 3 hours. I need to sleep.

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