Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's over, lets get on with it...

Christmas - mass hysteria of consumer libido fuckfest - oOover!!!

Here's what's been going on then, when not there:

Finished Deadwood - I WANT MORE!!! but I must say, Sara and I both felt that the show 'felt like it ended'. Could there be more? Of course. Does there have to be? No, defintitely not. Like Soundgarden and Faith No More, better to leave em wanting more than to milk the shit out.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Pretty fucking good post  modern deconstruction hoo-ha of the slasher genre. I didn't like it at first. Liked the idea, but not the delivery. Esp. Leslie. But once You get through to the end it really balances it out and makes for a great 'whole'.

Just re-read Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory maxi series. I had read it monthly as it was published originally and then started re-reading a large chunk of it waiting for the final bookend title Seven Soldiers #1 - but then that took fucking forever to come out and by the time it did I had lost most of the urgent intricacies of the story, of which, of course with Morrison, there are many.

I still don't know what to make of the thing as a whole. The finale seemed rushed, but Morrison is like that sometimes, and as I always say to those that nay-say based on that, if you liked the ride there, who cares?

But I feel like even in re-reading this tightly knit, over about the course of a week, a lot of little things get lost in the mix. I get the feeling that Seven Soldiers is to the superhero genre what the Invisibles is to the Occult genre. So many bits and pieces that drift backwards and forwards through the timeline of the series, repeating or rearing up from different characters perspectives. I'll probably try to analyze this more later.

Gearing up to watch the Coen Brothers back catalogue, prompted by No Country for Old Men still resonating with me (my pick for film of the year, but that's another post)

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