Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bedlam in Goliath...

Jesus Christ!!! The production on the new Mars Volta album is as insanely textured and schizophrenic as the music it relays. This is a break-neck pace musical hallucination the magnitude of which we don't get to see very often in the days of the disappearing musical giant. Usually music like this drowns under its own heavy-handed nature. But this... this is like watching the etheric waves feeding your senses shatter and roll back to you across a lime green limoleum floor, only to induce racks of cultured seizures showing offering your left and right hemispheres a glimpse into the future of sound as we know it.

Nearly three decades ago electronic music began its bid as the evolution of creative music, but oddities like The Mars Volta, well, they're one of the good guys taking that aesthetic and re-applying it to the good old instrument-rock long ago flounced by ignoramous egomaniacs like Yes and Dream Theatre.

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