Tuesday, February 26, 2008

title sleuth...

Hanging out in the elecrtric air, nightime, the substance of the work I choose to do. 'What the fuck does that mean?' You might ask. Well, what does any of it mean?

Here's a magick spell. Consume half a quart of your favorite poison, tap out three notes on a guitar or keyboard or whatever, employ some system of looping and let that fucker drone on. Could be a delay pedal, I use Ableton live a bit, but that's costly and not very practical, unless you already have it (so maybe make the focus of intent acquiring a free version of ableton live and then start going to their website and entering any number of contests out there to win it). Shit, I even use a nice analogue metronome from time to time. This is real nice in emulating the visual of descending a staircase or any other montonous image you can employ. But I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

The Monotonous Imaging (or MI) is a sort of grid you want to work to affix your consciousness to. The idea is, you wind your 'here and now' apparatus around this image so tightly that as it advances the 'pretend' also advances the submersion of your 'conscious' into your 'subconscious'. Once this fully takes its toll you won't be able to implement anything else without breaking your null state, so have everything ready.

What you want to have ready is whatever you are working for. I got into this whole kind of thing with Austin Osman Spare-influenced authors talking about the sigil method.* But what I'm proposing here is my own twist on that method. You can turn the desire into the path that you walk down in order to access the lower depths of the mind, thus makign the journey itself the 'charging' of the desire, masked enough by the performance to not have the actual outcome in mind at the time (bad. Lust of result will thwart even the best laid magickal plans).

So whether you click on a metronome and stare at a giant painting you've made to represent what you want or you mathematically turn all the letters left into numbers and the numbers into notes, then record them, loop them and sit back and zone on it, you too can penetrate the inner workings of your subconscious, use them to access the Universe, and adjust the odds in your favor.

But heed the old adage: be careful what you wish for. Always contemplate the ramifications of any desire, as they might destroy others lives, or even your own.

*At this point the sigil thing is fairly popularized so I won't try to explain it too much here when others do a far better job of it elsewhere (Peter J. Carrol and Grant Morrison come to mind, as well as Spare himself, but good luck finding his writings and then,. if you do, good luck decoding them). In a nutshell write out what you want, eliminate all vowels and repeating letters from the words, then take whatever is left and put it together into a single image, bending and twisting the letters into a picture of sorts. That's a sigil. Popular method is to then mediate on it until the mind reaches vacuity, or perhaps more popular still and far quicker and more practical, jerk off (or even better, do like I do and map out the sigils in advance and then call one up days or weeks later while in the throws of ectasy with the one you love) and at the moment of climax stare at the image. The blank state the mind is in at that moment, same as where its at when zonked out in trance through meditation, is the state at which we are no longer just on the island of our mind but also in awash in the greater sea of the archetypal/collective unconcsious/kung fu wonderbread. That's how it works; its as if at that moment we've just hacked the grid on the Universal computer and have but a single instant to upload our virus/program into it, making it perform the task we ask of it.

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