Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Norton 0 (I assure you its edited)

The bar was cold and dark, pretty much exactly what we expected for this type of situation. We sat alone, sipping merrily on a Tom collins, pretending to enjoy the poorly made cocktail and looking at the waitress' ass. She was somewhere on the other side of forty, dark-haired and pretty, in that 'I'll be your waitress and maybe give you a blow job in the service elevator after my boss leaves for fifty-bucks and or a night out on the town and away from my three kids' way'.

We were not having that. One of us would have to silently stay behind and incorporate a poltergeist spell that might persuade her to re-think her life [seven days later she would leave her abusive 'boyfriend' and move the kids to Portland, where her mother lives].

It's always funny to me how people resist change until they think God has sent them a message

"God doesn't talk to assholes..."

"Huh? Look buddy, I just came to bring you your bill. Fuck off jerk!"

We're speaking out loud again. Hmm, we all smirk to one another, amused that she apparently considers herself an asshole.

We think about it and then leave a twenty on the table (not because there's any one of us in here that feels bad about what was accidentally said out loud but because we can't stop thinking about the children she will soon be taking care of sans any help from a prize-fighting boyfriend) and maneuver through the dingy crowd to the bathroom in back where we take a stall, bust out two Vicadine, crush them up in my hand and arrange them out on top of the back of the toilet in order to snork them down with a half-straw we created while at the table. The lines go down rough, like prescription dope always does, but we all know that in ten minutes that beautifully peaceful feeling will ring in from around the edges and cause the world to once again seem like a much nicer place than it really is.

So, the connection was not made and now it is up to one of us here to go and make the report. The child is chosen, as he always has the most refreshing ways to deal with responsibilities.

Fifteen minutes later, beneath the overpass of Northeast highway, where it rises up over Harlem. Rumours have circulated for years about the secret caves which supposedly were built into the foundations of the structure by unknown entities more than a lifetime ago when further development at the end of the fifties pushed more and more people in search of homes to the south suburbs, which were largely at the time forest preserves. Norton knew all about these rumours, and it had been his discovery of one such tunnel that had forever changed his world.

He moves through a stagnant moat of collected rainwater and to a small hole apparently taking unsubstantial residence at the foot of one of the large concrete support pillars holding the elevated highway above this, one of the last remaining sacred places of the city. Norton, as well as the people he now associates himself with* use these caves as homes and operating headquarters, from where they silently, invisibly observe the city around them to better work to inoculate the social and psychic virus which seems to flitter around fucking up the natural order of everything. Today a new virus had been added to the list. A virus named Rufus who used to be best friends with as many as twelve of the respective character roles Norton had long ago written for themselves. "In every man a thousand, in every woman a thousand more, wear the mask, raise the curtain, the world, a stage to adore." This poem ran constantly through the collective's head, often changing its mood and thus, its operative representative.

Burrowing silently like a snake the adventurers make their way through the inhuman tunnel and out into a wading pond of more stagnant rainwater (this area collected and filtered for human use), from which they eventually emerge into the anti-chamber where the others would no doubt already be assembled.

They were there.

Three scruff and bearded men sit waiting, lounging around bizarre rock and concrete formations, sculpted from loose or stolen concrete that makes its way down from botched roadway repairs and excess dumping (both of which occurs more than anyone would really like to believe). Three men, but a council of dozens lay eyes on the adventurers as they make their way to their feet and prepare to present their findings.

"Brothers and sisters of the Norton-verse, what have thee to report to the council?"

"We would prefer to take a casual application to this meeting, as the news we have uncovered begs for further, regrettable action."

"Very well, everyone, remove your pants. You too ladies."

Information is exchanged and deliberation with the gods begins.

In the end the council cannot take his outpost from him and for this he is glad. That pederast, gandolf mother fucker Zoo-mani has a favorite 'nephew’ he wants to appease with the gateway outpost for the supermodel dimension, but Norton wasn’t about to go for that. Three twenty-something aged frat boys walked by him in the street just in time to overhear part of his internal conversation and think him crazy.

Hah! He’d show them.

“In another coupla’ hours I’ll be nailing the girl who you’ll be drooling over in next years swimsuit issue so pISS oFF young upstarts!”


Norton sat in the corner booth of the little cafe...


All of this happens without severe incident and eventually they decide to retire. The funny thing about being on the clock in a parallel Universe that just so happens to overlap with this one is no matter what you plan or what you want, you always wind up asleep at the wrong time and awake at the wrong time. Explain that one.

“So here we are, another night in front of the delicatessen. What shall it be?” As they asked themselves the question for the three hundredth and sixty fifth day in a row (this was their one year anniversary as an enlightened being, awakened from the soup by a baseball bat to the head on Easter last year) a tiny rat ran by, trying oh so desperately to avoid the inevitable. Sure enough Norton’s arm shoots out like lightning and WHAMMO!!!! Dinner is served!

Several hours later he wakes as the door to the dimension of super thin fashion models opens and the next BIG THING comes through, naked and hungry and looking oh so desperately for her precious dog, a half-breed Shit zue named Malcom-cum-Malco. Norton gets up and puts on the customary coffee (not really coffee at all, but something closely akin he picked up in the stimulant-verse, heated and ready with only a lighter and a prayer for better rib meat). For several months now, ever since he moved to this underpass, he has acted as the chauffer into this world from the legendary supermodel-verse, where food is scarce and sex is ridiculous. Nineteen or twenty years of eating rock cocaine and fucking finger puppets their parents arrange for them to marry leave these girls ready to explore, and when they finally become thin enough to sense the portal in their labia they come through the door ready for the first man they see, hence Norton’s dedication to fending off anyone who moves in on his territory.

Of course, three hundred and sixty five days ago it was not his territory and the only reason he ever got it to begin with was the ass backwards result of yet another devious if not poorly planned and misguided attempt to take over the Universe(s). Stop playback and select fuck-off if you’ve heard this one before.

“So there we were, all twelve at the council and none of the mofo’s appreciated the risk and responsibility we had decided to take on by taking up arms against the true coffee terrorists, starbob-squishpants. We mean here was a chain where everything cost, like, thirty times more than even the most rudimentary flavour could demand, and our whole boycott and our whole poopy-pokey-I’ll-slap your-disgusting-coffee-traitor-face extreme gymnastics routine was getting absolutely no press. We mean, how many upper middle class upper class middles do you have to poke in the bung hole before someone at good ol’ fashionably reliable channel 1,111.29 takes notice and puts you on as the next regular guest star of Baywatch 18 B.C.? This isn’t a fucking hard equation, knowhatimeanthen?”


This new one with the pretty black hair has just come through and suddenly we’re seeing where this is going. On our previous adventure, out there in the inexplicable backwaters of time, we learned the real-time inconvenience of trying to cube all the various dimensions of time into a single, mathematically valid representation of that which is singularly unable to be cubed into standardly mathematically valid points of representations. In the Norton-verse we have come to call this Poo-uvering.

So here’s Norton sitting directly across the shopping cart from this six foot five, ‘hundred and twelve pound mutant foreigner, knowing full well that an agent for Pipsi or Nubisoy is nearby, scanning for the new arrival, trying to convince this poor piece of meat that the only good thing that is going to come to her is him, if she lets him. and based on the foodless, orgasmless equations she’s been raised on he’s not really wrong.


“After we finish Britany asks me what this world is like and if she will ever see a purpose beyond garden. We try to tell her that the underpass/overpass at NE Harlem needs a guardian veterinarian, to put down the bums and jerk off the strays, but in the end her eyes roll back and forth looking for the corporate lawmen to swoop in on their web-like dossiers and take her to the land of fake breasts and Grammy award show performances. Oh well, we got our rocks off.”

Later that night the whole population is asleep, even the late-night watchmen personality named Mavis when an intruder arrives and shackles the physical vehicle to its shopping cart.

They awake alarmed and quite unhappy with Mavis.

“Who are you and why have you endangered my mission? I Norton 0, prototype Universe for the post pre-age of no modern command that thoust answer me!”

“No! No! You have us all wrong comrades. We are here with a message from the council and bind you only out of fear and respect for the, ah, legendary violence of some of the members of your vehicle. We mean no offense!”

“No Offense?! No offense?! BlahHh! You, have your best and bravest get off his balls and deliver the council’s message, then put your biggest coward at the wheel and get from my sight before I find one of my carnivorous poodles and use it to flay the flesh from your grill!”

'That damn council,' they thought when it was all over. Never too smart.

It was back to the cafĂ© to wait for the waitress to get off work and then follow her home. Word of her true form had found it’s way to them and it was now believed that she had smuggled here with her a canister or two of some grade A toxic material from the expensive slag mines of the cavernous world of intelligent rocks.

It all sounds so strange and cheesy, the skeptic in him, Marlowe Thought. But damn it if it wasn’t all also true. There were strange little twists to the physical world everywhere one could look, it was just modern society trained their young to be concerned about pointless oddities like situation dramadies and low fat tofu bars instead of the invisible world that exacted itself on their lives everyday. How many of these glue-sniffing squish heads would believe that if they just lit a candle every morning in the southeast corner of their mansions they would never have to pay taxes to their overblown god ComercĂ©. Fools! In this day and age it was always about what everyone else was doing, especially those pointless tarts from the tribe they call Cele-britee.

It took only hours for Norton 0 to work his way out of the cuffs, not realizing the entire time that the kid had been so nervous that he had actually left the keys in the lock.

“Now, one quick scuttle inside to the hall of ancients and we’ll be on our way!”

He closes his eyes and a tidal wave of inner movement cascades over them.

"Seething! SEE-THINGS!!!"


1965 (whoops? Wrong direction!!!)

There is a jazz guitar amp that we oh so desperately want to send to ourselves in the future, but we don’t know quite how to do this because we no longer hold access points to the vocal stabilities and techniques required to make this hole on the front of our faces do anything other than slather as imperceptibly astute examples of living erotica dart and sketch by in various stages of dilapidation. Cough syrup and rubbing alcohol will do that to you sometimes..."

"Eh? Do whut to yew? Ey canNOT follow a goddem word yer sayin'"

""Were we speking aloud? Oh dear? How much does he know? How much did you say?"


"LOOK, is it that cough syrup and rubbing alcohol will induce various degrees of dilapidation in a body? Or were you referring to yourself and your ridiculous ability to hold twenty-seven different conversations with yourself all at once and in different dialects?"

More questions. Damn, we want that guitar.

That Norton was sure he had not said aloud. And the simple fact was it would not have mattered if he did, now that the other man's kidnet hung from the silvery edge of his curved carving blade.

"Shit, I guees that means KIP, the psychotic personality has garnered control again. GETREADYFORANOTHERWHITECHAPELOHYOUPERILOUSANDUNSUSPECTINGWORLD!!!"


*Or rather, they now associate themselves with, as Norton and their comrades subscribed to the para-psychological view that in every person there is a collective and to regard people as one single 'I' was at least half of the reason the world was awash in terrifying situations (wars, rapes, murders, etc.) created by too many reinforced and hopelessly selfish egos

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