Friday, June 15, 2018

2018: June 15th

I recently dug out my disc copy of Phenobarb Bambalam, one of the earlier Chris Connelly solo albums. I'd forgotten how great this album is; Night of Your Life still holds such sway with me that it's often difficult to see past it.

I took my first day off writing yesterday for as long as I can remember back. It's no longer a matter of counting the days of my streak. Now I simply write everyday.

Playlist from yesterday:

Les Claypool - Of Whale and Woe
Andre Previn & London Symphonic Orchestra - Samuel Barber: Adagio, Violin Concerto
David Lynch & John Neff - Bluebob
Lustmord - Songs of Gods and Demons
Various Artists - Trainspotting OST

Two passages of note from the Grimoire:

"Life is about to get easier and brighter," and, "Create unto and within yourself a Universe, shaped of your strengths and built on your accomplishments as a foundation." - See my above observation about writing everyday. No wonder I pull this card so much. Also, no wonder it's my favorite.

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