Thursday, June 7, 2018

2018: June 7th

My good friend Ray sent me an Apple Music link to this album quite some time ago and I only just now got around to working it in for listen - when I'm writing everyday as I have been, spending so much time dialed into a particular frame of mind, I curate everything I listen to pretty rigorously. Thus, trying something new - especially if it's something I'll love - might totally skew my routine. I tried two new things yesterday - Dessa's Badly Broken Code, which is fantastic but completely out of my element at the moment, and Nabihah Iqbal's Weighing of the Heart. The latter instantly bewitched me, and it fits right in where I need it to, so it's been on heavy, heavy rotation all day and will most likely stay there for some time. Above is my favorite track, thus far.

New Drinking, Fighting, F*&king, and Crying is up HERE.

Playlist from Odin's Day, 6/07/18:

Pigface - A New High in Low
oOoOO & Islamic Grrls - Faminine Mystique
White Ring & oOoOO - Roses/Seaww - Emotion Single
Dessa - A Badly Broken Code
Nabihah Iqbal - Weighing of the Heart
Zombi - Shape Shift
Ghost - Prequelle

Card of the day:

Take the high ground for perspective. That might come in handy during the 4 hour meeting I have today at work.

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