Sunday, June 3, 2018

2018: June 3rd

This song is brand new, yet it remind me SO much of the music from about ten years ago. There's a Bibio vibe, with a little Alice Walker and something else I can't quite put my finger on. The spacey tone really evokes a certain period in my personal history, and I find that really amazing, that either Vinyl Williams, or myself, or both of us already have a fledgling nostalgia for 2007. Weird. But any way you cut it, I love it.

Playlist from 6/02:

Otis Redding - Tell the Truth
Corniglia - Eponymous
Andre Previn - Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, Op. 11
Various - Barber: Adagio, Violin Concerto, Cello Concerto
Ghost - Prequelle
Underworld - Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future
Vinyl Williams - Lansing (single)
Armando Perazza & Cal Tjader Quintet - Nica's Dream

Card of the day:

From the Grimoire: "Primordial urges underlying existence. The Lunar Pull on seemingly unconnected processes."

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