Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Joe Bob Briggs @ Beyondfest 2019!

It's 3:31 AM as I begin this post. I've been up for nearly 24 hours. This is what I'm listening to - Paul Zaza's score for the 1981 My Bloody Valentine. I'm tired, but I have to tell you all something... shhh... lean in close...

I saw Joe Bob Briggs live tonight! He was amazing! Seriously, if you know who Joe Bob is, you probably know he's semi-touring the states doing his How Rednecks Saved Hollywood lecture. I expected it to be in-depth and scholarly, but holy cow. How Rednecks Saved Hollywood is nearly three hours long and, well, professorial is the word I would use. I mean, Joe Bob traces the roots of the 'Redneck' back to late the late Elizabethian era of England, then winds up through the Beverly Hillbillies, Deliverance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Burt Reynolds. It's fascinating, educational, extremely entertaining, and well worth your time if he comes anywhere near your town.

Following JBB we hung around the Egyptian Theatre for the second Beyondfest feature of the night, the newly restored, gore-encrusted version of Stewart Raffill's Tammy and the T-Rex. Now this, this is also worth your time, but in a completely different way than Joe Bob. This is camp done in a hysterical intellectual capacity, and it really has to be experienced to be believed. You'll read about it, or hear someone talk about it, but you will NEVER understand its magic until you see it.

Playlist from 9/30:

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (Digipak Version)
Type O Negative - World Coming Down
NIN - The Downward Spiral
Nocturnal Projections - Complete Studio Recordings
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Monolord - No Comfort
Trust Obey - Fear and Bullets
Paul Zaza - My Bloody Valentine OST

Card of the day:

I still have to get back to taking care of business, and she's a reminder. I have tomorrow off, so it should be productive.

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