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Monday, January 16, 2023

Seven Days of Bowie: Day 6 - Sue

I had not even heard of this track's extended version or the accompanying 'film' before Saturday night. I love that I'm still discovering things about Bowie now, seven years after his death.


Continuing my own personal seven days of Bowie, I watched Francis Whately's documentary David Bowie: The Last Five Years on HBO this past Saturday night. Really great film; I've never made any bones about saying that Bowie's last few albums are among my favorites of his (2003's Reality is my favorite, to be exact), so this one was sure to strike a chord with me.


The film begins by setting the stage with the Reality Tour, where Bowie first fell ill, and then moves backward and forward through his career to give the proper context to Reality, 2013's The Next Day and finally, his final album, Black Star.


I finally started David Lynch's autobiography Room to Dream this past weekend. About 85 pages in, it's every bit the balm I knew it would be. 

Actually a hybridization of bio/autobio, the book is a collaboration with writer Kristine McKenna. McKenna interviews an enormous cross-section of people from Lynch's life - she's talking to childhood friends in the first few chapters! So one chapter is her speaking to these folks, the next is Lynch reading and reacting, filling out what others have said about him. The technique is genius, in my opinion, and makes for marvelously joyous reading. But then, it's David Lynch - no artist I know of makes me happier.


Deafheaven - New Bermuda
M83 - Oceans Niagara (single)
Ministry - Animositisomina
G Love & Special Sauce - Yeah, It's That Easy
Frank Black - Live at the Utah Hotel Saloon
David Bowie - A Reality Tour
David Bowie - Nothing Has Changed
Lustmord - Hobart
Metallica - Kim 'Em All


Just a quick one from my trusty Thoth deck:

Off-the-cuff reading - "Applying Will to Wonder in order to learn and grow."

This gels. I'm poised at a position where I've done some deep reflection on my own ins and outs, motivations and hangups, and I find that I have a short attention span - I want to start and finish projects within a very brief time, or they give me anxiety, and I avoid them. The only place this is not true is in writing, although my mileage varies there, as well. Hence, I need to address this, and the one big elephant in my room that I am 100% aware of but avoid like the fucking plague is returning to Meditation. I really think applying my Will to restarting that practice will reap huge benefits, I just have to do it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Diabolic Majesty


Holy cow - a new Revocation album dropped! Haven't heard the entire thing yet, but a couple songs in, I very much digging Netherheaven, which you can order from Metal Blade Records HERE.


A big haul this week for NCBD. Let's dive right into it:

Gonna have my hands full with this one for a day or two, but that's some great reading. 


How the hell do you talk about this movie without actually talking about it? The trailer is one of the best I've ever seen, as it shows you so much that wets the Horror Whistle, but tells you absolutely NOTHING about the film, and after seeing this one yesterday, I want to tow the exact same line.

Barbarian's trailer indeed tells you little about the movie. In fact, it actually tells you less than I thought going in. There is so much here, so much that makes it not only my "film-to-beat" for 2022 but also, one of my favorite Horror Flicks in recent years. And make no mistake, this is no "psychological thriller." Nope. This is pure, unadulterated Horror. There are some gnarly ideas and images in here that make for an often revolting watch - in the best possible way, of course. 

 My suggestion - go see it on the big screen if you can. I may be going back for a second time tonight. My only regret will be that I can't go in blind a second time.


The fact that this is Writer/Director Zach Cregger's first feature blows me away. Mr. Cregger is now on my "See anything they make" list right next to other indie filmmakers like Ti West and Joe Begos.


NIN - Pretty Hate Machine
NIN - Broken EP
NIN - Burn (Single)
NIN - Dead Souls (Single)
NIN - The Downward Spiral
Ministry - Land of Rape and Honey
The Afghan Whigs - How Do You Burn?
A001 - Nyctophobia EP
Forhist - Eponymous
Revocation - Netherheaven


Sometimes you have to be an asshole to get things accomplished. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

R.I.P. Charlie F*ckin' Watts


Talk about a goddamn legend! So sorry to hear this man left us, but what a legacy he leaves behind. I'm not much of an Exile fan - I prefer pretty much every record the Stones released on either side of it by five years to this one - however, this track, as well as a few others on the four-sider, is a CLASSIC. Rest in Peace Charlie Watts. You'll be missed.


I had mistakenly thought the opening story arc of Marvel's first Alien title ended in last month's issue #5. Not so, therefore, I am back this month to see how this wraps up and just what the heck Alpha is.

Wow. One of my favorite covers yet. Not gonna lie - I'm not digging the Sinister War title all that much, as it seems extremely superfluous. That said, I still love this core AMS title, and especially after the excitement generated by THIS, I'm in the mood for some Spidey!

This title disappeared for a few months, but it's back, and I'm hoping the cover means we're actually going to see Baron Zemo take on Peter with a sword. That would be awesome

This title has quickly risen to the top of my 'must read' list every month. Can't wait to see where this current arc goes.

If issue #120 really is Raph vs. Hob, there's not much more that I need to hear. The textbook definition of the classic 'Nuff said.


After what feels like forever, The Last Matinee finally hit VOD yesterday. Maximiliano Contenti's gory A.F. Neo Giallo is slow-moving almost to a fault at times as it stumbles through attempting to recreate the tone of classic Argento/Lenzi/Martino black-gloved kill-fests, but that's okay. Overall, K and I both really enjoyed the film, and once it gets moving, it really gets moving.  If you're so inclined, and you're in for a slow burn, The Last Matinee is currently a $4.99 rental on Prime, and would especially make good viewing for a group.


Quicksand - Slip
Abby Sage - Wasting Away (single)
Jenny Hval - Blood Bitch
Abby Sage - Smoke Break (single)
College - Teenage Color EP
Chromatics - Faded Now
Massive Attack - 100th Window
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full
Mrs. Piss - Self-Surgery


The elevated perspective will shed new light. I could totally use that on this short, which I am hopelessly drowning in at the moment. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Sleaford Mods!

From the forthcoming album Spare Ribs, out January 15th on Rough Trade. Pre-order HERE. Thanks to Mr. Brown for reminding me about this, as the Mods are always one of those bands that slide right off my radar when I'm not actively listening to them. 


My perpetual co-host Chris Saunders and I recently started an all Horror comics and literature spin-off show under The Horror Vision umbrella. The first episode of A Most Horrible Library went up early Monday morning, with more to follow on a somewhat regular basis.

This show is kind of our way of going back to substituting a new show for where Drinking with Comics left off; I'm still hoping to resurrect that after things go "back to normal," as it is primarily a live show, however, I'm not really one who believes things will go back to normal anytime soon, so in the interim, we have this as an outlet to talk about all the great Horror-centric reading out there. A Most Horrible Library will release under the same stream as the regular Horror Vision show, so no need for a new subscription.


After working our way a little over halfway through the fourth, apparently final "part" of Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over the last two nights, K and I rounded out our Monday night with the first of two episodes HBO dropped yesterday of Alex de la Inglesia's 30 Coins.

Holy smokes - this episode had the best monster I've seen since The Ritual a few years back. Mind-boggling and totally terrifying. I'm really looking forward to watching this one weekly.

Currently watching 1993's Body Melt on Amazon Prime. I've been feeling run down and a back-ache/stomach pain combination's reduced my sleep to less than I need to function, so I took a re-set day from work and plan on doing pretty much nothing. I actually started trying to rewatch Adam Simon's Brain Dead, which is also on Prime, however, the transfer to digital looks like it came off a deteriorated, second-hand VHS, with that dreary old 4:3 aspect ratio that doesn't work on anything not filmed to specifically have that effect. In looking it up, I see that Shout/Scream Factory transferred Brain Dead a few years back, so I'm hoping that pops up somewhere; I've never seen Brain Dead in its entirety, and it's been on my list for a while.

So far, Body Melt's doing the trick, though, and while I'm rarely interested in what Vinegar Syndrome releases, there are exceptions, and this would be one of them, and they did a pretty good job cleaning this one up for the digital age.


Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Orville Peck - Pony
Soundgarden - SOMMS
Them are Us Too - Remain
Thou - Rhea Sylvia
Mrs. Piss - Self Surgery
The Blues Brothers - Briefcase Full of Blues
Muddy Waters - Electric Mud
Turquoise Moon - The Sunset City
Goatsnake - Black Age Blues
Goatsnake - Trampled Under Hoof
MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
Van Halen - 1984
Iress - Prey
The Plimsouls - Everywhere at Once
Belong - October Language
David Bowie - Scary Monsters (And Super Freaks)


First spread of 2021:

The Queen of Swords is definitely a defining force in my life, or at least has been over the last year or two. One of the reasons I do all this logging is so I can look back through the blog and track influences and the like, and when I search Queen of Swords, I see it came up five times in 2020. Thus, reading in the conventional Past-Present-Future positions, we see the Queen of Swords or the Airy Part of Intellect, ie sharpened perception as the Present and the Idea as a concise statement fortified by Knowledge (Past; 6 of Cups) and the balancing of the many tiers of that Intellect/Idea as a challenge to be overcome (Future; 10 of Wands) in the near future. 

Friday, December 11, 2020

RIP Sean Malone


What the hell? Back in January, we lost former Cynic drummer Sean Reinert, now at the polar opposite end of the year, we lose bassist Sean Malone? Good lord. Here's the close-out track from Cynic's last full-length album, 2014's Kindly Bent to Free Us. It's fucking gorgeous. Rest in Peace Sean Malone. 


All this awesome Spiderman news has me in the mood to, well, to finally watch the MCU Spiderman flicks, none of which I've seen! But it's also got me in the mood for some Marvel, and this show right here is numero uno on my, "I can't wait give it to me right damn now" list.


Cynic - Kindly Bent to Free us
Curtis Harding - Face Your Fear
Jehnny Beth - To Love is to Live
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
David Bowie - Warsazawa (from Stage, disc 1)
Sir Neville Marriner and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields - Amadeus OST
David Bowie - Earthling
White Lung - Paradise
Loathe - I Let It In and It Took Everything
Michael Kiwanuka - KIWANUKA
Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - Hollywood (pre-release single)


Ah, my old friend, the Queen of Swords. 

I keep getting this when I veer back on track. From my October 10th post, where I drew this card:

"...clear insights and the fresh perspective of adopting the perspective of another and cutting your own head off long enough to truly experience that other perspective..."

A violent reaffirmation of rulership over your emotions and intellect. I associate 'violence' in this respect, as my turning back on the deep dive function for writing. I pulled a major three hours yesterday, and made fantastic progress. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Blackened Metal Hero

My follow Horror Vision host Tori recently turned me on to Bölzer. This album is fantastic! A Black/Extreme Metal band, I was floored to discover Bölzer is a two-piece! This record is fantastic, and mixing/mastering/recording engineers Victor Santura, Michael Zech, and the enigmatic D.G. really knew how to steer the band into a sonic space that more than makes up for any 'missing' instrumentation. I'd say the sound of this album, which really knows how to use an ample but still tasteful amount of reverb, is one of the fullest metal band sounds I've heard in a while. There's a definite 'space' to this recording, and it's big and dark and bold.  



A new episode of The Horror Vision went up last week. I've recently moved beyond just the audio component of the show, and started making extremely rudimentary 'videos' for each episode. The plan is to eventually make a more involved video, or - gasp - do something similar to DwC, but with that show slowly creeping back toward reappearance, where I'll find the time remains to be seen. Until then, enjoy us talking about the genre we love, and if you dig it, leave a comment and let's talk Horror!


Tuesday after work I rented Jeremy Gardner's new film After Midnight. Produced by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead - Benson has a small supporting role in the film - Gardner wrote and co-directed this one, as well as starring in it. As it stands now, After Midnight will almost definitely finish 2020 as my favorite film of the year.



Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full
Lake Street Dive - Making Do (Single)
Bölzer - Hero
Zombi - Shape Shift
Zola Jesus - Stridulum


Back on track, big time.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

New Zeal and Ardor!


Wake of a Nation EP out October 23rd, pre-order HERE.

31 Days of Halloween:

Last night's viewing was an unexpected one: Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera. It'd been probably six years since I saw this one last - I remember because that was a communal viewing in a cemetery with a shadow Cast! At any rate, I had to dig my DVD out of storage, but it was well worth it. I love this flick so much, especially Anthony Stewart Head's character. Here's one of my favorite scenes:

1) Tales of Halloween: Sweet Tooth/The Wolf Man (1941)
2) From Beyond/Monsterland: Port Fourchon, Louisiana/Tales of Halloween: The Night Billy Raised Hell/Tales of Halloween: Trick
3) Mulholland Drive/Creepshow (1982): The Crate
4) Waxwork
5) Synchronic/Bad Hair
6) Dolls
7) Lovecraft Country Ep. 8/Tales of Halloween: The Weak and the Wicken/Tales of Halloween: The Grim Grinning Ghost
8) 976-Evil
9) Repo! The Genetic Opera
Oh! And I did attempt to watch 976-Evil II, but within 30 minutes deemed it unwatchable. I do not believe this is Mr. Wynorski's fault; quite the contrary. Within the film there is an evident barren feeling due to what I would imagine is a limited budget and a complete misuse of the funds they did have. The sets are often barren, as with the hotel room George "Buck" Flower's Turrell finds himself in after being taken into protective custody by the police. I don't know if I'm simply still adjusting to having a 4K television and how it highlights shortcomings in older productions, but the sparse contributions by the Art Department, and the ridiculous explosions (a toilet? Really? You spent production money on an exploding potty?), combined with the limited lighting, made me feel as though I was watching this one through the view screen on a camcorder.

Also, the gratuitous Spike-with-Machine-Gun scene was just lame.


After I finished re-reading Clive Barker's iconic The Hellbound Heart, I picked up the Kindle edition of The Toll, a novella written by Mark Miller, who works with Mr. Barker at his production company, Seraphim. 

From the author: "Hellraiser: The Toll is a novella that bridges the events of The Hellbound Heart and The Scarlet Gospels. We thought it would be fun to see what kinds of hell Pinhead had been raising before we saw him in The Gospels. In Clive's novel, there's mention of a lot of mayhem Pinhead has been getting into in preparation for his hostile takeover of Hell. So there was lots of room to dive into what exactly that mayhem might look like. And in that conversation between Clive and me, it seemed to make sense that he'd visit Kirsty and that he'd also want her to be a witness for him, since their fates are tied together. "It's a short book, but Kirsty goes through a lot along the way. And we also get to see who she's become since her time with the legendary hell priest. I'd written for the comic, which was an incredible experience. And having worked so closely on Gospels, and also with Clive all these years, when he gave me his blessing to take them into the world of prose, I hit the ground running and never looked back. A lot like Kirsty in the story. But you'll have to read it to find out exactly what that means."

I liked The Toll, but I didn't love it. It's cool to see a literary sequel to the Hellraiser film, as opposed to a sequel to The Hellbound Heart. There are definite differences between the two, primarily that in Hellbound, Kirsty is not the daughter of Julia's husband, and he is not named Larry. Instead, Julia's bough is Rory, and Kirsty is merely a friend. Barker's original novella is, of course, well worthy of its iconic status, however, being that he wrote and directed the film, the book has always seemed to me a first pass at what he eventually perfected on camera. 

How often does that happen, eh?

At any rate, I liked catching up with Kirsty, and I loved the story's utilization of the defunct Devil's Island prison as a gateway to The Wastes. That said, the story seemed a bit rushed and under realized, and I could have done with a more fleshed out Pinhead (pun intended), not the mostly perfunctory one we receive instead.

Either way, Barker's The Scarlet Gospels looms on my horizon. First though, I once again find myself in the mood for a Halloween-timed re-read of Bret Easton Ellis' Lunar Park.


We're in full Autumnal musical territory now:

NIN - Pretty Hate Machine 
Joy Division - Still 
Bauhaus - In the Flat Field 
The Final Cut - Consumed
Darkness Brings the Cold - Devil Swank, Vol. 1
Naked Raygun - Raygun... Naked Raygun 
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park 


The watery aspect of fire, or the ability (and experience) to know when to temper intellect with emotion. Also, clear insights and the fresh perspective of adopting the perspective of another and cutting your own head off long enough to truly experience that other perspective. 

Friday, March 6, 2020

Kacey & Willie

This one's been out there for some time, so I'm late to the game. During a back-and-forth listening session with a good friend on Wednesday, I discovered the Kacey Musgraves/Willie Nelson duet "Are You Sure."


I know next to nothing about Ms. Musgraves, but when I saw Willie Nelson with her, I became instantly curious; while far from my bread and butter, Willie definitely fit a certain state of mind with me. I saw him live back in 2015 and he blew me away. As for this song, it's incredible. As Mr. Brown pointed out recently, she has a definite Patsy Cline/Loretta Lynn quality.

The video too, is shot in a throwback way that made me half expect to see a muppet sitting next to her when the camera began to pan to the left. It looks like 80s "live" television. Totally appropriate for the inner of the bar and feel of the song, which also harken back to a different era.


A new episode of The Horror Vision went up this past Monday. This is our spoiler-free review/reaction piece to The Lodge (loved it - hear why), as well as a discussion that includes AHS Hotel, Netflix's Castlevania and October Faction, Joe Begos' Bliss, and 2011's Fright Night remake, as well as a handful of other titles we've viewed recently. Oh yeah, and this episode's Classic Corner is none other than Tibor Takacs' 1987 The Gate! We love this movie so much, we even sneak in some thoughts on the sequel.


After finishing Chuck Wendig's frightening and timely Wanderers last week, a conversation with Ray from The Horror Vision prompted me to dig out a large part of Chris Claremont's run on Uncanny X-Men and begin plowing though it. I started just before the Mutant Massacre - which was about when I started reading X-Men back in the day - and plan on going up through Inferno. I might go past that, not sure yet. But I am SO looking forward to Inferno. It's been too long.

Also, the Sequart Documentary Chris Claremont's X-Men is now on Prime for free, so if you're a fan and haven't seen it, totally worth a watch.



The Vines - Total Depravity
Talking Heads - Fear of Music
16 Horsepower - Low Estate
Zombi - Shape Shift
Worm is Green - Automagic
Greg Puciato - Fire for Water (single)
Greg Dulli - Random Desire
Mazzy Star - So Tonite That I Might See
Grimes - Art Angels
Led Zeppelin - I
Led Zeppelin - IV
The Jesus Lizard - Lash
The Jesus Lizard - Head
The Jesus Lizard - Pure EP
Chris Connelly - Sleeping Partner
Alice in Chains - Eponymous
Lustmord - The Dark Places of the Earth
Anthrax - Attack of the Killer B's
Anthrax - Spreading the Disease
Various - The History of Northwest Rock Vol. 2 (The Garage Years)
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen
Grimes - Visions



Hacking off pieces in order to gain the time/vantage to reflect. I pulled a 'mental health day' yesterday, not from my day job, but from writing. The current global situation has got me down, and I've realized despite all my declarations that I will not vote for either of the two parties in hogging the US political system, I am indeed going to be casting a vote for one asshole in November simply to keep the bigger (biggest?) asshole out of office. I also realize that this won't work and we most likely have four more years of... this. Unless of course, Captain Trips wins the day and purges the planet of a large enough amount of the human population as to inspire a total societal change in this country.

I won't hold my breath. Fuck jetpacks, where's our Common Sense?

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Joe Bob Briggs @ Beyondfest 2019!

It's 3:31 AM as I begin this post. I've been up for nearly 24 hours. This is what I'm listening to - Paul Zaza's score for the 1981 My Bloody Valentine. I'm tired, but I have to tell you all something... shhh... lean in close...

I saw Joe Bob Briggs live tonight! He was amazing! Seriously, if you know who Joe Bob is, you probably know he's semi-touring the states doing his How Rednecks Saved Hollywood lecture. I expected it to be in-depth and scholarly, but holy cow. How Rednecks Saved Hollywood is nearly three hours long and, well, professorial is the word I would use. I mean, Joe Bob traces the roots of the 'Redneck' back to late the late Elizabethian era of England, then winds up through the Beverly Hillbillies, Deliverance, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Burt Reynolds. It's fascinating, educational, extremely entertaining, and well worth your time if he comes anywhere near your town.

Following JBB we hung around the Egyptian Theatre for the second Beyondfest feature of the night, the newly restored, gore-encrusted version of Stewart Raffill's Tammy and the T-Rex. Now this, this is also worth your time, but in a completely different way than Joe Bob. This is camp done in a hysterical intellectual capacity, and it really has to be experienced to be believed. You'll read about it, or hear someone talk about it, but you will NEVER understand its magic until you see it.

Playlist from 9/30:

Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses (Digipak Version)
Type O Negative - World Coming Down
NIN - The Downward Spiral
Nocturnal Projections - Complete Studio Recordings
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Monolord - No Comfort
Trust Obey - Fear and Bullets
Paul Zaza - My Bloody Valentine OST

Card of the day:

I still have to get back to taking care of business, and she's a reminder. I have tomorrow off, so it should be productive.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2019: August 21st The Ocean Collective's Permian

Yesterday, while driving around the South Bay with K and my cousin Charles, my iTunes shuffled up Epiphany, the eight track from Heliocentric, part 1 of the two-part album cycle The Ocean Collective released in 2010. Back when this came out, it was largely all I listened to; both Heliocentric and its counterpart, Anthropocentric, are fantastic records with big, philosophical themes and seriously intense musical arrangements. Hearing the penultimate track from a former favorite album (tracks 9 and 10 are really one track, imo) reminded me how awesome The Ocean is, and that they released their first album in five years last November. Through no fault of its own, I barely listened to Phanerozoic I; Palaeozoic. Following all this up, I found that two months ago, the band released this awesome video. This is one of the things I dig about The Ocean - everything is art with them. Everything has meaning.

I guess it's safe to say I'm about to fall back in love with a band that really reintroduced me to metal in the late 00s.



Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips continue to put out one of the only must-read monthly monthly books. And look at that cover! Also, hoping that Transformers 84 #0 lands today, as when I originally posted about it a few weeks ago, I later found out the date I'd seen reported online was erroneous.


Playlist from 8/20:

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Tinderbox
The Ocean - Heliocentric
Har Mar Superstar - Bye Bye 17
Twin Temple - Bring You Their Signature Sound...


Spread of the day:

Interesting to note that despite not posting a spread in nine days, The Queen of Swords remains a diligent influence. This spread was specifically geared toward an issue with someone at work, and the spread directly mirrors events of the day, in a good way. Savagery must be clinical in order to bypass the Strife that can accompany getting what you want.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

2019: August 8th - New Jaye Jayle Track!

I've kind of come to think of this band as the American version of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. In a very short period of time, Jaye Jayle have endeared themselves to me in a way few bands do. It's the 'Storyteller' aspect.


Unbelievably, after only three chapters I put Laird Barron's Black Mountain to the side. Nothing against the book, but I paused to reconsider re-reading last year's Blood Standard, the first Isaiah Coleridge novel. I tend to forget things - character's names and whatnot, and in the case of books like these, they're so f'ing pleasurable to read, why not? Anyway, while I paused to consider this maneuver, I picked up Damien Echols' High Magick, and it dovetails so perfectly with my recent rekindling of Magick Practice, that I'm going to knock it out before going back to the Barron books.

A fantastic book on Magick; probably the most approachable example I've seen since Phil Hine or Grant Morrison's old Pop Magick essay on his website, except Echols' book is even more approachable, without ever giving an impression other than he knows exactly what he's talking about. And this is great for me at the moment; there's such a sense of pragmatism, unlike any other author I've read on the subject of Magick.


Playlist from 8/07:

Shrinebuilder - Eponymous
Anthrax - Stomp 442
Algiers - The Underside of Power
The Flaming Lips - Hit to Death in the Future Head
Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower
Waxwork Records - House of Waxwork Issue #1
Jaye Jayle - Soline (Single)


Today's spread:

Queen of Swords AGAIN! Couple this with Princess of Wands and we're looking at the Earthy Aspect of Fire - the Practical honing of Intellect - and the Watery Aspect of Fire - the Emotional temperance of that same Intellect. I'm trying to put together where my Intellect - some flexing of sharpened awareness or acumen - may have been exerted of late. Princess of Wands is a volatile card; I'm tempted to read this as a warning, that the path to those ten cups - an achievement in Earthly matters - will be rocky, but ultimately bested if I remain sharp like the Queen of Swords, who I believe I am going to take on as something of a Deity.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2019: New Track from Upcoming Uniform and The Body Collaboration

This new album from Uniform and The Body is shaping up to be on my year-end list again. Man, these guys really create a sonic space. This sounds like a cosmic Suicide to me, and it juxtaposes nicely with the first track released from the album a few months ago.

Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back drops next Friday on Sacred Bones. Pre-order HERE.


A few nights ago I received the Ronin Flicks Blu Ray copy of Richard Stanley's Hardware that I fought ordering for about two months and finally gave in to. This is a 4K transfer, and I've gotta tell you, looking at most of the scenes, I can't believe what an outstanding job this turned out to be. Also, the second disc is packed with extras that will probably take me forever to get around to. For $35, this turned out to be a steal.

I won't waste time posting a youtube rip of this beautiful scan here, so instead I'll post the theme song (again), from PIL:


Playlist from 8/05:

The Budos Band - Burnt Offering
Alice in Chains B-Sides Playlist
Opeth - Heart in Hand (Pre-release single for In Cauda Venemum)
Opeth - Deliverance
Opeth - Damnation
Opeth - Still Life
Alice Donut - The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children


Card of the day:

Another spread. I've doubled-down on my Tarot reading, so I'm trying to rebuild a more complex relationship with my deck. To do this, I pulled out Crowley's Book of Thoth and have been re-familiarizing myself with the cross-relationship between the Thoth Deck and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

This spread then, largely introduces the idea that after moving on from the Queen of Swords and her perceptive but possibly misguided analysis, there is a futility with new ideas being sluggish, and uncooperative (the Knight of Disks). From Crowley, "These three cards (speaking here not of the three that I drew, but Atu XIII Death, XIV Art, and The Devil) may therefore be summed up as a hieroglyph of the processes by which idea manifests as a form."

No lie, I have two almost-finished short stories that are rooted in, what I feel, are really cool ideas, and which start and unfold in a way I am very happy with, but which I cannot end, and which have become more and more sluggish (again the Knight) as I try to resolve the problem. This means, whenever I'm thinking, especially of writing, I have two huge open loops distracting me. I don't want to take the time off from Ciazarn, but I very much need to address this soon, or I'm just collecting psychic debris, falling more and more out of tune myself; becoming the Knight of Disks.

No Thanks.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

2019: August 4th - Tool!

I've been pretty persnickety towards Tool in recent years. With all the half-teased information about an album that never seemed to materialize, I remained skeptical even through last week's announcement of Fear Inoculum's imminent, August 30th release. When I saw that the band put up Hush, a song from their first EP Opiate which I have, for whatever reason, listened to a handful of times but never really gotten into, the new artwork - which is fantastic - I mistook it for a new Tool track.


Seeing Opiate on Apple Music this morning I decided to take a break from the Opeth binge I'm currently going through and dig in. In the meantime, here's that re-mastered audio for Hush. Shame on me for thinking after this long, Tool would release a 'single' ahead of the album's release. I'd actually prefer that, only twenty-four days out, they just wait and drop it all at once.


This weekend, I attended Midsummer Scream. Really cool Con. I'd definitely offer the criticism that they need to really step up their organizational parameters next year, but overall, very cool. Overall though, very cool. I was able to see a panel on Witchcraft and Magick - very timely as I've begun to move back in that direction myself - as well as Shockwaves podcast live, and a kind of post-script panel for The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, which K and I are both fans of (K more than me, I thought she was going to explode with excitement when McConnell took the stage). The panel consisted of Moderator and Showrunner for the now bafflingly cancelled show, Kirk Thatcher; Michael Oosterom (Rankle); Mick Ignis (Edgar); Colleen Smith (Rose and Cousin Evie); and Darcy Prevost (Production Designer). Really fun panel, and they reminded us that McConnell currently has a youtube show called From the Mind of Christine McConnell and a Patreon.


Playlist from the last few days:

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets
Primus - Frizzle Fry
Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey
Grimes - Oblivion
Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Volume II: Philosophy of Beyond


Again! Three-card spread this morning:

Queen of Swords again! This time, I'm reading it as it's influence is moving past me, so I need to be ready for a new paradigm, one that may result in a steadying of my skills and mindset. This is great, in that I've got a couple of big decisions on the horizon, and making them from the right place mentally and emotionally should result in success!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

2019: August 3rd - Satanic Panic Trailer!

I've been waiting this one for what feels like an eternity! Written by Grady "My Best Friend's Exorcism" Hendrix and directed by Chelsea Stardust, Satanic Panic is possibly my most eagerly anticipated film of the year. And now we finally have a trailer! This, along with Joe Begos' Bliss and a host of other films I can't quite bring to mind at the moment are all looking likely to play at Beyondfest this year, and I can't wait!


Recently, I wrapped up Robert S. Wilson's Ashes and Entropy Anthology from Nightscape Press. The final story, I Can Give You Life, by Paul Michael Anderson finished the book perfectly, and - I think - ended up my favorite story in a book filled with stories that rabidly competed for that title. Either way, buy it HERE and read your goddamn hearts out; Anthologies do not get any better than this.

And now, of course, I need a new book to read. Luckily, I have one I've been chompin' at the bit to get to for months. Black Mountain, Laird Barron's second installment in the Isaiah Coleridge novels, and three chapters in I can't put this one down.


Playlist from the last few days:

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets
Motörhead - 1916
Aerosmith - Pump
Anthrax - Sound of White Noise
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - The Night Creeper
U2 - War
Tool - Undertow
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Opeth - Blackwater Park
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Pusher Man (Single)
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control
Frank Sinatra - Moonlight Serenade


Card of the day:

Okay, this one is definitely trying to tell me something, and I've been pretty lax on listening. A promotion at work and the first draft of Ciazarn has consumed most of my time. Today we're heading to Midsummer Scream, but I'm putting Crowley's Book of Thoth in my backpack so I can start digging into this one a little more earnestly. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

2019: July 26th Spegetti Western Live '90

One of my all-time favorite Primus tracks. The sound on this one is HUGE. I've always loved the way Frizzle Fry ends: Sathington Willoughby into Spegetti Western into Harold of the Rocks. Hard to snip one of those tracks out and place it here, removed from that beautifully odd context, but I'd never seen this live version before and it's fantastic to see a camera on Ler and Herb for this long. Looks like NewWaveVault has some other cool old school stuff on their channel as well, so check it out and maybe subscribe. I did.


Last night I watched Hobo with a Shotgun for the first time since its original release. Man, I dig the flick, but it seriously reminds me of Robocop, which I have some problems with. My micro review - which contains my thoughts on Robocop - is up on my Letterbxd account HERE.

Also, I still really like the original trailer that writer/director Jason Eisener made in 2007:

The Blu Ray has a really cool "Shotgun Feature" where gun sights appear on the screen at times where you can click them and segue from the movie into behind the scenes stuff. Lots of detailed video of the practical FX and performances.


Playlist from 7/25:

PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Motörhead - 1916
Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Wasteland
Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land


Card of the day:

Two days in a row. Taking this as another nod toward my progress on Ciazarn and my basing one of the most enigmatic characters in it after the King of Swords. Perhaps he needs a Queen?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

2019: July 25th Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer

I almost didn't post this. For one, I usually do not post entries this late in the afternoon (it's 5:30 PM as I edit this). Second, I don't love this trailer, and I absolutely adore the first Zombieland. I'm hoping this long-overdue sequel is better than it looks; Harrelson is about as close as I come to a big-name actor who can do no wrong with me, so I really want to like this. We'll see.


So Rutger Hauer passed away yesterday. I can't say I know a lot of his films, however, like so many other men my age, Blade Runner is near and dear to me, and a lot of that is Hauer. I know everyone is posting this scene as a memorial, but my upkeep on this site is primarily for myself, as a sort of diary or historical record, and I'd regret it if I didn't follow suit with "Tears in Rain" speech:

And let's chase that with a favorite musical reference to the film:

I've not been in a Blade Runner mood of late, but I have a Hobo With a Shotgun viewing coming real soon.


I've watched SO much Friday the 13th lately, and while I found The Final Chapter (IV) a chore, Five went down pretty smoothly. Not Sierra Nevada smooth, but, say, Coors Light. Which is to say not very, but at least I got through it in one sitting. Part Six though, I remember watching Friday the 13th Six: Jason Lives a couple years ago with a friend and both of us realizing, A) if we'd ever seen it before the details were completely lost to the fog of time, and B) it's a marginally self-aware comedy. Which means, thus far, it's my favorite of these first six Friday flicks. I'll be continuing with the viewings soon - this is all research for something I'm going to write, and, a bit of a self-dare, as I've never watched the Fridays in chronological order before.


Playlist from 7/24:

Sausage - Riddles are Abound Tonight
Ghost - Prequelle
Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Telekinetic Yeti
Spotlights - Love and Decay
Sleep - The Sciences


Card of the day was

Interesting, in that I just referenced the King of Swords yesterday in Ciazarn. Modeling a character after that Court Card's attributes.

Monday, March 18, 2019

2019: March 18th: First Track from Final Cranberries Album

Wow. I didn't even know this was coming. I've never been a very active Cranberries fan, despite the fact that I loved their sound. Zombie and Dreams were HUGE parts of the musical landscape of my youth, but I never really followed through on their albums. Then, maybe ten years ago, I picked up Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We and experienced a brief fascination with the band again after the use of one of their songs in the movie, The Sound of My Voice. I had just fallen head over heels in love with The Smiths - another band I had previously only dabbled with -  and with their music floating through my head 24/7, I began to realize a lot of other bands were directly influenced by them, The Cranberries one of them.

When Dolores O'Riordan tragically passed away in 2018, an unexpected thing happened on Los Angeles radio - everybody began playing The Cranberries again. What's more, from what I gather in my little snippets of FM radio at work, they still play them. Often. This feels a bit like some sad triumph for a great band that kind of disappeared for years, only to resurface after tragedy. Fast forward to April 26th this year, and apparently we get the final album The Cranberries recorded with O'Riordan and then, that's it. This is the first single, and both the song and the video are emotional heavy weights in light of everything that's happened. A fitting tribute to the late O'Riordan, whose voice was really unlike anyone else's on Earth.

You can pre-order In The End HERE.


I received and began reading The Art of Hunting, the second book in Alan Campbell's Gravedigger Chronicles, and I can already tell I'm going to freak out when it's over, knowing there's a third volume finished that Tor won't publish. I can't express how high a regard I hold Campbell's writing in; I did when I read the Deepgate Codex, and the Gravedigger series feels like a serious level up from that, so in my mind, this is a fantastic example of expertly rendered world-building fantasy that does not succumb to "Tolkienism."

Yeah, I made that term up.

Anyway, thirty pages in, and The Art of Hunting has me as strongly as Sea of Ghosts did.

Playlist from 3/17:
Talking Heads - Remain in Light
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Wasteland
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control
The Pogues - Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Card of the day:

A lot of ending this morning. I'm reading this one at face value: I'll finish the reading of Shadow Play today. I had an excellent session yesterday, and I really can't stress what a game changer reading out loud has been for me. I'm finding the book very much on track, and hearing it out loud is helping iron out little inconsistencies in tone, syntax, grammar, and detail.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018: June 19th

Gorgeous new Beach House video.

Watched Evil Dead (2013) for about the fifth time last night, as K had never seen it. SO fucking good. Please Mr. Alvarez, make that sequel!!!

Playlist from 6/18:

Chasms - On the Legs of Love Purified
Wrong - Fee Great
Cocksure - TVMALSV
Beach House - 7
Nothing - Zero Day (single)
Them are Us Too -
Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley

Card today:

The Emotional Aspect of Air. Wielding the Will with emotional maturity. Knowing when to back off and when to be assertive.

Monday, April 30, 2018

2018: April 30th 1:19 PM

Sinking heavily back into Chasms debut album from two years ago, On The Legs of Love Purified. Such an amazing piece of music. Keller and I ran into Sky from the band at the recent Soft Moon show and she related that they were in the process of recording a new album. I could not be more excited.

The move is done. Nearly drove me mad, but it's done.

Playlist from yesterday:

Twilight Singers - Blackberry Belle
The Veils - Total Depravity

Short list, eh?

Card for the day:

The watery aspect of air, so the Queen of Swords is the emotional aspect of intellect, so it's kind of pointing to a mixture of book smart and street smart (kinda - that's pretty loose as interpretations go). In my exhaustion, I'm unable to pinpoint how this applies.