Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Isolation: Day 124 - The Sandman on Audible

Previously, I've had no interest in audible, as I'm not one for audio books. This changes everything. A star-studded audio presentation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman? Count me in.


I'd been under the impression the final episode of Borrasca was to drop this past Monday, so imagine my surprise when the episode - at a paltry 33 minutes - cut off in an unceremonious manner. Creator Rebecca Kingel had previously said the podcast would wrap with ep 8, so I figured the finale might have been too long for their standard format, making them split the finale into two. I was all set to wait until next Monday when I received word the second part dropped yesterday.

It is amazing.

Easily the scariest fiction I've encountered in any medium for the past several years, the wrap up is filled with revelations and tragedy, and contained a sequence that held me so strongly under its narrative influence that the world around me kind of disappeared for a while. I'm sold on Cole Sprouse as an actor, and very much hope there will be more of this, or at least, another teaming of Klingel and Sprouse.

I really can't recommend this one enough. Earlier, I realized that, along with all the podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, etc), all the episodes of Borassca are on youtube as well, so I'm posting the first one here as a way to spread the word. I's that good.



Walter Rizzati - House By the Cemetery OST
Palesketcher - Jesu: Pale Sketches
Mannequin Pussy - Patience
Exhalants - Band (single)
Le Matos - Summer of '84
Barry Adamson - Stranger on the Sofa
Perturbator - The Uncanny Valley
DAF - Die Kleinen Und Die Bösen


No Card Today.

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