Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sunday Bandcamp: Turquoise Moon - Midnight Demon

For our second installment of Sunday Bandcamp, I'm sticking with another Spun Out of Control release, however, this time things are not quite what they seem. After discovering Turquoise Moon and their OST from Midnight Demon, I became interested in the band. However, it appears - as in I may be incorrect - that this is actually a side project of Andy Fosberry, who is credited with re-mastering the "Original 1983 tapes" created by Terry Ferrello and Frank Heisenberg, the credited members of Turquoise Moon. That's from the bandcamp HERE. Other than that, there is no information of Terry and Frank, Turquoise Moon, or Midnight Demon anywhere online.

THIS is the kind of thing I LOVE - bands or artists that cultivate mystery. And I feel like it just doesn't happen anymore. Also, really cool album.

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