Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Silent Trese

Whenever my good friend Jacob sends me a band to listen to, I know it's going to rule. Silent, however, even tops the best of his previous recommendations. I cannot express how much I LOVE this album; it embodies everything I love about a modern post-punk aesthetic and reminds me A LOT of how much I loved that first Savages album back in what feels like one hundred years ago.


I don't really know much about Trese yet, except my DwC cohost Mike Wellman sent me the trailer last week and it's being made by/with people who our friend Karen Kunawicz knows. Mike has a copy of the book it's based on hold for me, so I should be picking that up and reading it soon, so I will leave you with the trailer for now and report back on the book later this week.

Really cool stuff, from the looks of it. 


Led Zeppelin - Coda
Silent - Modern Hate
Mudvayne - Choices (single)
Exhalants - Atonement
Windhand - Split
Deftones - Ohms
Violet Cold - Empire of Love
ZZ Top - Rhythmeen
White Zombie - Astro-Creep 2000
QOTSA - Villains
Goatsnake - Black Age Blues
Lustmord - Heresy
Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower
Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent - Corpse Eater: Satanic Misery Love for the Dead
Various - Lords of Salem OST



I can't really go into it here - or more like I don't want to at the moment - but I take this as a direct commentary on a BIG question that has been on both K and my own mind these last few days. 

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