Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Web Thread


From one of the finest albums ever made.


Anything Declan Shalvey has a hand in I will read. I'm stoked that the artist of one of my favorite series (Injection) is also a kick-ass writer!

Thus far, this alternate "What If?" book has my attention. I adore the OG spidey black costume, even before it became Venom, so this is cool to see.

YES! Summer camp slasher - 'nuff said!

I almost forgot about this series; I feel like its release has been a touch sporadic. No matter, three issues left after this one. Aquatic Horror never felt so good.

This series is gorgeous. Really digging it, and if I can get my hands on this variant cover, all the better. 

Loved issue #1, let's see how #2 is.

Marvel is really monetizing Spider-man these days, but I've become a sucker for Nick Spencer's take on the book, even if it is jam-packed with more plot than you can shoot a web at.


Pr├ędateurs - Les Discrets
Blut Aus Nord - Hallucinogen
Zeal and Ardor - Wake of a Nation
Christopher Young and Lustmord - The Empty Man OST
Various - The Void OST
Neil Young - Essentials

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