Friday, September 3, 2021

Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent

I think I previously recorded this one in the "Playlist" section of this page as Corpse Eater: Satanic Misery yadayadayada. Apparently, the actual band name is Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent and the album is Crushing the Ritual Live. None of that really matters because this isn't a real band - it's Rob Zombie and his musical cohorts playing the fictional Black Metal band Heidi LaRock and her stoolies interview in Lords of Salem. Whatever the hell the name of it is, I LOVE it and kinda wish RZ would focus on making more of this for a while. Here's a video I didn't know existed until just now.


Another day at home yesterday, feeling like crap, waiting for the PCR test results to tell me what I'm now certain of: I do not have COVID. As I write this, I feel MUCH better. The AC/DC is cranked, my fingers are moving over the keys, and I'm starting my third pot of coffee. I'm almost 60% of the way through Stephen Graham Jones' new novel My Heart is a Chainsaw and I LOVE it so much. Spent a lot of time with that yesterday, as well as watching the following three flicks:


I bought this one sight unseen back when it was released on DVD circa 2008, watched it once or twice and, although really liking it, never made it back for another viewing until now. How was it? Vinyan is a Five Star film. Contrary to all the shit that studios like dimension were pumping into the Horror-sphere in the 00s, people like Fabrice du Welz were making excellent films such as this (his other Horror film I know, Calviare, is pretty badass too if memory serves).


Vinyan gave me the taste for more foreign Horror, so I decided to A and B an original and a remake, for which I chose the Indonesian film The Queen of Black Magic. The original was released in 1981, is pretty cool for that time and place, but doesn't sit terribly well now. It's by no means bad, just dated, so you really have to try and put yourself in the headspace of someone seeing this film in Indonesian in '81, which was admittedly probably insane. Overall I dug this one as a fun, kind of Hammer Horror-esque getaway. 

So how's the remake?


I f*&king loved this one. It's slow off the start, which I don't mind but feel deserves a warning. However, once this one gets going, holy hell, there's some squirm-worthy scenes the likes of which I don't think I've felt since Fede Alvarez's 2013 Evil Dead (which I adore). Really cool, simple story and execution, and lots of gnarly Horror.


(NOTE: I didn't listen to any music yesterday, so this is what's on the stereo so far today)

Leviathan the Fleeing Serpent - Crushing the Ritual
Various - Lords of Salem OST
Zombi - 2020
Various - The Devil's Rejects OST
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
King Woman - Celestial Blues


The past four days have definitely added up to a sort of renewal for me. I was pretty burnt out from work. If you look at the dark colors of Wednesday's pull (7 of Disks) and now the light, gentle colors of The Empress, that is sort of a visual expression of where I was two days ago compared to where I am now.

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