Wednesday, February 1, 2023

RIP Tom Verlaine


RIP Tom Verlaine.


A considerably more mellow NCBD than I've had in a while and I like it!

Kinda glad to see Dark Web go. I mean, the series started great, but really overstayed its welcome about the time Peter began working at a Daily Bugle in Limbo. Dumb, as was the whole Rek Rap manifestation. Hopefully this "omega" chapter will dig back in and give us a satisfying ending. 

Due to reassessments, this is most likely my last issue of Moon Knight. It's been a solid series, even though I never really warmed up to the art. I can't necessarily say I'll miss it, primarily because the big reason that I stayed around this long was what they did with making the House of Shadows the new Midnight Mission. I really thought there would be more with that, but we've been playing with vampires for most of the series since then.


Last Thursday I saw Brendon Cronenberg's Infinity Pool at my local theatre. I really dig being able to say that. Then, on Sunday in Chicago, I saw it again. 

My first impression was this was my least favorite of his three films. After that second viewing, I'd put it right up there, just behind Possessor. I'm still unpacking, and The Horror Vision will be releasing an in-depth discussion on the film next Monday, but for now, my knee-jerk from directly after that first viewing is a quick, spoiler-free read over on my Letterbxd.


Chat Pile - God's Country
Type O Negative - Dead Again
Zeal and Ardor - Devil is Fine
Type O Negative - Origin of the Feces
Joy Division - Still
David Lynch - The Big Dream
Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land
Mascara - Hla-11Tf
Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me OST
Various - Shadow Play Two Writing Playlist
Lustmord - The Others
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Black Sabbath - Sabotage
David Bowie - Outside
Slayer - Live Undead
Megadeth - Rust in Peace
Bonny Doon - Longwave
Trombone Shorty - For True 


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

Elements of Change that might be emotionally difficult will be better faced with a partner. No idea what that's about, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit it freaks me out a bit. I'll be chewing on this one all day. My new way to do that is to leave the three-card Pull out on my desk all day, so I'm constantly looking at it. Kinda a visual version of hearing music in the background and having it grab you. Revelations are not always won through direct engagement.

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