Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Truth Hits Everybody


I've been in the mood for The Police lately, and I can't think of a song I like more at the moment than Truth Hits Everybody from their absolutely perfect 1978 debut, Outlandos d'Amour. Talk about a track that will make you start bouncing your leg under the desk. 


My picks for this week's NCBD:

Donny Cates is off this book, and Ryan Ottley is continuing what I can only assume is the story they conceived together, but this one only has a few more issues, and then Marvel is ending it and will no doubt begin a new Hulk book. I most likely won't be there for that - losing this one in the middle of what I thought was a pretty unique Hulk story is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Still, until then, I'm still enjoying Hulk Planet

Holy sh*t! Do my eyes deceive me? Wow - only a year later. Part of me wants to ignore this just because it's been so long, but oh, what the hell. At this rate, we'll get the conclusion in issue three in 2024, so at least it's not a big financial commitment. Hahaha.

TMNT is kind of creeping back toward the fence for me. 137 issues is a long run; I've had this thought before, though, just after the book's 100th issue, and that lull really only lasted half a year tops and then things got great again, so I'll hang. I probably just have fatigue from this Armageddon Game event taking place that I'm reading this without paying attention to.


Boss is back on main art, so I'm happy and can finally go back and re-read everything preceding this to welcome him back. Again, no offense to the artists that filled in, but Boss's style is just so much of this book that having him take a break directly after a hiatus was not a good thing, in my opinion.

Jeez - there was already an X-Men roster vote that I missed? Has it already been a year? Wow. Well, Havoc's out after Dark Web, and big things are afoot, so we'll see. In the meantime, welcome back to The Brood!


After years on the outer regions of my peripheral awareness, I finally watched George Sluzier's Spoorloos, or The Vanishing. Wow.

I loved this. A lot, and I'm happy to be recording an episode of The Horror Vision Presents: Elements of Horror that will cover this next week.


The Police - Outlandos d'Amour
The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta
The Police - Regatta de Blanc
Various - Joe Begos' Bliss Spotify Playlist
Karl Casey - White Bat XVIII EP
Deftones - White Pony
The Atlas Moth - Coma Noir
Kermit Ruffins w/ the Rebirth Brass Band - Throwback


From Jonathan Grimm's Bound Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

There's conflict, Change and more emotion than you can shake a stick at. Those two 10s mean I'm way too grounded in Malkuth at the moment - Earthly matters battering the inside of my skull. 

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