Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eli Roth's Hemlock Grove

I've been looking forward to upcoming Netflix original series Hemlock Grove from Director/Producer Eli Roth. Now first, let me say that in the past I've been a little polarized on Roth. The guy definitely has the background; he interned for David Lynch and he's worked with Quentin Tarantino. As far as his projects, I really liked wry humor and nail-biting gore of Cabin Fever (the leg-shaving scene - oh my god!), but I absolutely HATED hostel. I've been told I should give it another chance, but I doubt that'll ever happened, I hated it that much. I ignored Roth's stuff for a couple of years after that.

Then came the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse flicks and Roth's Thanksgiving trailer, which I loved. Not too terribly long after that was news that Roth had embraced and would produce Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford's movie Clown -  a movie that originated as a fake trailer the creators had posted online and attached Roth's name to. Roth caught wind of it and instead of getting upset at the use of his name took it for what it was - a compliment as well as a tactic two creative guys had used to get noticed - and reached out to the creators. The movie is now set for release this year. 

How Awesome is that?

Finally, late last year while in Vegas we visited Roth's Goretorium exhibit. I was blown away. I'm still probably never going to give hostel another chance, but the guy has earned his place in my "benefit of the doubt" book and when news trickled down about Hemlock Grove - especially because I kept seeing comparisons to Twin Peaks - I was interested.

Well, below is the first footage released from the Grove, which lands all-episodes-at-once, on April 19th. Taken out of context it's a bit wonky, until the end that is. As far as werewolves go my first love will always be Dog Soldiers, but this looks like it will be pretty damn awesome.

You should follow this link to where I procured this footage from as bloodydisgusting typically posts the best horror stuff around!

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