Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Devil's Blood is No More

I've actually known about this for about a month. I wanted to write about it, however it really, really bummed me out. I started a post and never finished. When my friend Tori turned me on to this band it was late 2011, just after she'd seen them live opening for Ghost (now Ghost BC). I was supposed to go to that show but backed out at the last minute due to the ridiculously early waking time I have during the week (not sure why, but literally EVERY show I've wanted to see for the last two or three years has been during the week). Anyway, Tori said Ghost was great but she was really impressed with The Devil's Blood. She went out and found a copy of their most recent record The Thousandfold Epicentre and I made a copy. Within about a day I was hooked and listened to nothing but for about a month. The more I listened the more I became intrigued by the band. However, looking around online at the time there really wasn't much to go by. The only wikipedia article at the time was this one that I had to have google translate from German. Anyway, it's been a while since I've been on The Devil's Blood so hardcore, though it's not really ever left my musical vernacular for very long. Then a couple of weeks ago I fell back into their music pretty for a couple of days and during some down time at work googled them for the first time in probably over a year. This is what I found:

 The Devil’s Blood is no more. As of the 22nd of January 2013 The Devil´s Blood has returned into nothingness.It has been a while since the announcement of our disbanding was made and we feel now is the right time to convey our plans for the legacy that TDB will leave.Our music and artwork will remain available through both our own website and that of Ván Records as well as any other medium that will prove suitable.At the time of the group’s disbanding there were several projects ongoing, each in different evolutionary stages. These were the following: 

I'll stop there, but if you click on any of the text above - which I appropriated from the main page of the band's website - you can go there and read about the posthumous releases to follow. While I am most definitely excited about those, I'm really just still super bummed. I'm hoping guitarist/found SL or his sister, vocalist F. The Mouth of Satan will go on to do another project, but in the meantime I'm still in mourning.

Links from a better time:

And of course, one of the outstanding tracks from The Thousandfold Epicenter:

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