Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RIP Alvin Lee

Weird. I hadn't heard this song in years until this afternoon when the small radio that my boss keeps tuned to LA's resident classic rock radio station The Sound kicked it out and started us talking. John - who is extremely well versed in music of the 60's, 70's and 80's (dude has the BEST stories about seeing great bands in his native 70's NY) had always thought I'd Love To Change the World was Blue Oyster Cult. I corrected him and we had brief discussion about Alvin Lee and Ten Years After who I know NOTHING else about except this song and that I LOVE the guitar in it, the chord progressions and the lead.

Years after becoming emotionally attached to the song I realized it seemed to have a rather homophobic undertone (well, undertone might be a bit kind). I can't support that, but I also had some great experiences to this song as high high schooler, not paying attention to the words other than the chorus, more focusing on that wonderful guitar line. Whatever its meaning/politics I can't turn my back on it completely. Either way, Alvin Lee died today. Weird, eh? Rest in Peace


Unknown said...

I remember my father putting headphones on me and playing Live at Fillmore on vinyl. Thanks for posting this!

Little Gray Pixel said...

I always read the lyrics in the opposite way, like counting off all the things "the man" says/thinks and then in the chorus lamenting that they do not know how to change the system.

Kinda in the same vein as "Just Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon.

I do love the sound of this song, though. Every time I hear it on the radio I crank it up.

Shawn C. Baker said...

Vanessa - OF COURSE!!! How did I not realize that? It's so obvious. Thanks for posting this, it makes me no longer have to worry about coming to terms with a song I love.