Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Bibio and Let's Talk About Steerage from Scotland

Bibio first came to my attention about four years ago on the BRILLIANT Mario Cotto's program, Saturday nights on Los Angeles' public radio KCRW. I don't get a chance to listen to Mr. Cotto very often these days, as I'm usually in bed by the time his show comes on. Anyway, it was on Mr. Cotto's show several years ago that I made a primordial connection with one of Bibio's songs - it was so like I had heard it before, but I had no idea where or when. Here's the song:

Well, after some time I found out that my connection wasn't really to this Bibio song - I don't think it's this that I heard before, I just think that it invokes the same tone as the tracks I know by the band Steerage from Scotland. Unfortunately Steerage is no more - hasn't been for quite some time - and there seems to be nowhere on the web I can embed from. Instead, follow the link below to their last.FM page and check out their marvelously contemplative instrumental music!

I discovered Steerage on a whim while in Dublin and shopping at the now (tearfully) defunct Road Records, the same place where several years prior to the Steerage-discovering trip I finally found the Damien Frost record I'd been searching for since seeing them at Whelan's.

Both Steerage and Bibio evoke womb-like inner thought from their music and it always sends me into a deeply contemplative mindset - especially like now, when I've probably had too many beers and have been functioning on very little sleep for almost an entire week now. Thus what I'm almost sure is babble by now. Babble babble. Babble. Babbledy babbledy bab.

Now, Babble.

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