Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2018: April 11th 7:12 PM

Last night we went and saw A Quiet Place. I can't stress this enough: SEE IT IN THE THEATRE. A theatre with GOOD sound. Excellent film, and outstanding use of sound. The score is a bit overdone early on, but the juxtaposition between quiet, i.e. ambient sound, and quiet, i.e. NO sound (one character is deaf), and sound, like BIG sound, is just fantastic and makes for an awesome theatrical experience.

Playlist from yesterday:

Venue - 8 song demo (circa 2001)
Preoccupations - New Material
Soft Moon - Eponymous
Isaac Hayes - ... To Be Continued
The Who - Who's Next

Just finished Si Spencer and Sean Murphy's John Constantine Hellblazer trade City of Demons. Excellent late-era Constantine story, highly recommended. Has a marvelous climax and then a nice, cinematic outro.

Also, read what had to be my favorite story in the Ligotti Anthology, The Cocoons. Short, sweet and to the point. Body horror with a nightmare finish. Very atmospheric and creepy as all hell. If you've read it, or subsequently read it based on my recommendation, Ligotti himself comments on the story at the prompt of a question HERE.

Card for today (which, despite the late arrival of this entry, I pulled at 5 something this morning:

Professionally, this card can mean a willingness to scrap with others. This fits; I don't talk specific work stuff here, but there are people in other departments not living up to their responsibilities and I've taken to throwing down the gauntlet on them. Take care of your shit, right?

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