Monday, April 9, 2018

2018: April 9th 4:55 AM

Yesterday was chock full of tension. Not bad tension, but the kind that accompanies just barely getting a bunch of stuff done that had to get done. Chief among these integral events was getting the Art ordered for my anthology's cover. This opened up a bunch of research I didn't realize I would have to do, like trim size and paper color. And ordering the art held up the day's bigger task, which was moving some of K's mom's stuff. That's going to be an ongoing thing over the next three weeks, and it's difficult. Still, it all went fairly smooth in the end. No time for a post though, so I'll try to miniaturize the day herein, beginning with the card I pulled yesterday, which was the Nine of Cups: Happiness.

Playlist from the 7th:

Grifteskymfning - Likpsalm
Myrkur - M
Blut Aus Nord - Deus Salutis Meae
The Ocean - Heliocentric
Lustmord - The Word as Power
Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower
Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission

Playlist from the 8th:

Myrkur - M

Card of the day:

This I take as a direct nod to the deep dive I'm about to pull on the first issue of Parish Fen, which is in need of some tweaking before I pass if back off to Grimm for the art, which has been started and looks absolutely Amazing.

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