Wednesday, April 4, 2018

2018: April 4th, 5:15 AM

This song:

I've been clocking a lot of time with the first Zeppelin record recently, both on the original vinyl and the remastered version available in Apple Music, and it's never sounded so damn good. I love all Led Zeppelin, but my binges with the band's music usually reach obsession level only once every two years or so and almost always skew toward the back half of their career. But right now, Zeppelin One is constantly haunting me, and this song is one of the reasons. I've probably not listened to these songs on headphones since the old mix tapes I made off WCKG's Get the Led Out sessions, back when I was a Freshmen or Sophomore in High School, circa '91/'92, and in plugging in directly to my ear canals recently with the remastered version, I've noticed a few things I'm unsure if I was ever aware of before. Chief among these is a faint, eerie backing vocal Robert Plant does around 1:41 in, where he pre-sings the "I can hear it calling me," part of the end of the verse. It chills me, and I like that.

Playlist from yesterday:

Sarah Brighten - Eden
Garbage - Eponymous
Luscious Jackson - Fever In Fever Out
Preoccupations - New Material
L7 - Hungry for Stink

Based on my Tarot pull yesterday, I tried to stick to feminine music and avoid anything aggro. About halfway through the day, I realized the Prince of Cups card had another interesting juxtaposition to my immediate days when I remembered that I've been reading Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger and Lee Louhridge. It's one of my favorite comics right now and it has a very feminine vibe, which makes its dark, creepy and sometimes downright terrifyingly sexy (yeah, that's a thing) vibe very unique and extremely compelling. It also opens me up to a different tone than I'm used to for my thoughts, letting a little of that feminine side in at angles I'm not used to experiencing them, and that makes the machine feel like its running pretty good.

Card for today:

Obviously another Feminine card, what with Egyptian Goddess Nuit pictured, dousing herself in the waters of the Universe, Stars at her feet.

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