Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018: April 3rd, 5:21 AM

I'd written these guys off a long time ago. When I first heard System of a Down, and it was this exact song, they made a good impression on me. Then I dove a little deeper and found the malaise of the down-tuned, trace elliot 00s guitar-driven metal storm left me cold enough where I wrote off most of the groups that 'made it' during that time. Eventually a few exceptions leaked through, some of them rather begrudgingly . A few days ago at work one of the newer guys on my shift and I were talking music and System came up. He's considerably younger, and had a completely different perspective. I decided to hit that first record back up on Apple Music and, wouldn't you know, I listened to it yesterday and really enjoyed it. Also, I've always dug their completely insane cover of Sabbath's Snowblind that appears on the Nativity in Black tribute anthology record, so I guess I never 100% discounted these guys.

Playlist from yesterday:

The Fall - Early Singles
System of a Down - Eponymous
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin I
Peter Gabriel - Us
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper
Soundgarden - SOMMS

Card for the day:

Gallantry, gentleness and a male in touch with his feminine side. This is me, to a degree. Since early 20s, I've always understood and respected the feminine aspects of my psyche, and I often pay homage to them with the music I listen to and how I relate to it while its on. Maybe I'll follow this side of things today and see where it gets me (I've been rather male/aggressive at work lately, not in an alpha male way, but with a lot of things going pear-shaped at month's end, I got pretty aggro. Today I'll play it a bit different, with this card in mind.

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