Sunday, October 11, 2020

Sunday Bandcamp: David Borden

I knew nothing of David Borden until my good friend Chester sent me a link to the above track this morning. I must say, I went in blind, having only just woken up, and was immediately entranced. This led to a google-storm that finished at the Bandcamp page HERE where you can buy this wonderful re-issue of Music For Amplified Keyboard Instruments for only $8.25, lovingly released by Cleveland, Ohio's Spectrum Spools. This is the label also responsible for Belong's October Language, one of my favorite ambient or soundscape records in the last ten years


From the Bandcamp page: "If there was ever a missing link in American Minimalism, David Borden is that link. He not only composed, innovated and performed in the peak years of this imperative movement, but did so on his own terms, with a startling lack of recognition for his revelatory contributions to contemporary musical history."

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