Friday, October 9, 2020

RIP Naked Raygun Bassist Pierre Kezdy

Damn. I just received word from Mr. Brown that Naked Raygun Bassist Pierre Kezdy has died at 58. Chicago local, Kezdy played on all the Raygun releases I heard in my high school group of friends when people's older brothers began to decimate albums down through their younger siblings' ranks. Holding You is the first Raygun song I ever remember hearing, and it's still my favorite. Something about that Sax. From the album, Raygun... Naked Raygun, which always struck me as hysterical when combined with the album art concept, a kind of James Bond-esque, cut-out, paper doll incoporating the band members' faces.

Very cool. These guys, along with Pegboy, The Effigies, and Big Black were the Chicago bands that formed my teenage views of one half of Chicago's musical scene/legacy (the other half of that being the Industrial scene).


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