Saturday, October 24, 2020

7 Days 'til Halloween

I received an email alerting me to the fact that the copy of Mr. Bungle's Raging Wraith of the Easter Bunny shipped yesterday. Oh glorious day! I cannot wait to double down on this one when it lands. 

31 Days of Halloween:

1) Tales of Halloween: Sweet Tooth/The Wolf Man (1941)
2) From Beyond/Monsterland: "Port Fourchon, Louisiana"/Tales of Halloween: "The Night Billy Raised Hell" & "Trick"
3) Mulholland Drive/Creepshow (1982): "The Crate"
4) Waxwork
5) Synchronic/Bad Hair
6) Dolls
7) Lovecraft Country Ep. 8/Tales of Halloween: "The Weak and the Wicked" & "The Grim Grinning Ghost"
8) 976-Evil
9) Repo! The Genetic Opera
10) Firestarter/George A. Romero's Bruiser
11) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 1 & 2/Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
12) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 3, 4, and 5/House of 1000 Corpses
13) Masque of the Red Death/Creepshow (2019) Episode 7/Creepshow (1982)
14) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 6 and 7
15) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 8 and 9/Roseanne (88) season 2 and 3 Halloween Episodes
16) The Mortuary Collection/Roseanne (88) season 4 Halloween Episode
17) Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
18) Lovecraft Country episode 9/The Haunting/Roseanne (88) season 5 Halloween Episode
19) Lovecraft Country episode 10/Tales From the Crypt season 1 ep. 5 "Lover Come Hack to Me"
20) George A. Romero's Season of the Witch
21) The Omen
23) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait/Masters of Horror: "Sick Girl" (Lucky McKee)
24) Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway: Haunt/Hack-O-Lantern


Zeal and Ardor - Wake of a Nation EP
Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - Ancestral Recall (pre-release single)
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou - The Valley (pre-release single)
Deftones - Ohms 
Mr. Bungle - Sudden Death (pre-release single)


Speed and negligence can bring about severe troubles. A great reminder on a day I woke up late for work.

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