Monday, October 26, 2020

5 Days 'til Halloween


Over the weekend, Chelsea Wolfe released a cover of "In Heaven" from David Lynch's Eraserhead. After being a fan for years and charting her remarkable evolution as an artist never content to stay idle in any on particular sound, I didn't think it was possible for me to be surprised or 'like' Ms. Wolfe any more than I already do. This proved I was way wrong, and that's awesome. There's a level of excitement introduced back into my relationship with her music that makes it feel kind of new again.

31 Days of Halloween:

I had a hard time deciding on a flick last night and ended up doing something I'd been meaning to for a few years now - going back and revisiting Mike Flanagan's 2011 feature film debut Absentia. Still holds up like it did when I watched it back when it first landed on Netflix, circa 2011 or 2012 - this was the flick that put Flanagan on my radar and the reason I went out and saw Oculus in the theatre. It's really been awesome seeing him grow into such an awesome director, and all the indications were here in this first flick. Limitations be damned, he really made something special with this one:

1) Tales of Halloween: Sweet Tooth/The Wolf Man (1941)
2) From Beyond/Monsterland: "Port Fourchon, Louisiana"/Tales of Halloween: "The Night Billy Raised Hell" & "Trick"
3) Mulholland Drive/Creepshow (1982): "The Crate"
4) Waxwork
5) Synchronic/Bad Hair
6) Dolls
7) Lovecraft Country Ep. 8/Tales of Halloween: "The Weak and the Wicked" & "The Grim Grinning Ghost"
8) 976-Evil
9) Repo! The Genetic Opera
10) Firestarter/George A. Romero's Bruiser
11) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 1 & 2/Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
12) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 3, 4, and 5/House of 1000 Corpses
13) Masque of the Red Death/Creepshow (2019) Episode 7/Creepshow (1982)
14) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 6 and 7
15) The Haunting of Bly Manor episodes 8 and 9/Roseanne (88) season 2 and 3 Halloween Episodes
16) The Mortuary Collection/Roseanne (88) season 4 Halloween Episode
17) Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning
18) Lovecraft Country episode 9/The Haunting/Roseanne (88) season 5 Halloween Episode
19) Lovecraft Country episode 10/Tales From the Crypt season 1 ep. 5 "Lover Come Hack to Me"
20) George A. Romero's Season of the Witch
21) The Omen
22) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait/Masters of Horror: "Sick Girl" (Lucky McKee)
23) Joe Bob's Halloween Hideaway: Haunt/Hack-O-Lantern
24) Eight Legged Freaks/What We Do in the Shadows season 1 episode 1/Night of the Demons
25) 10/31 - "The Old Hag"/Absentia


The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland
Iress - Prey
Low Cut Connie - Hi Honey
Brand New - God and the Devil are Raging Inside Me
Doves - The Universal Want
Perturbator - Dangerous Days
Type O Negative - October Rust
John Carpenter - Lost Themes
Zeal and Ardor - Wake of a Nation EP
Chris Connelly - Artificial Madness
Zeal and Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Chris Connelly - Phenobarb Bambalam


Continue to build upon the solid foundation you have previously laid. I'm hoping for an extra day off this week. If so, MASSIVE writing day.

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