Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Boris - Funnel of Love (SQÜRL)


I'm not 100% sure if this is SQÜRL remixing Boris or what, but I LOVE it. From the upcoming Todo Muere SBXV, which you can order from Sacred Bones Records HERE


Here's tomorrow's haul for NCBD:

New Steve Niles. Always a good thing.

I am so psyched and surprised Marvel is doing a Black, White & Blood for Moon Knight! Can't wait.

I've begun to get a bit freaked out when a Reckless book hits the stands. When you figure Brubaker and Phillips drop them every six months, well, I feel like those months are flying by. Whatever. I love this series.

So now I have three weeks a month with an X-book. If you had told me last year at this time that this is where I'd be, I'd have laughed. Look who's laughing now, eh?

K is a big fan of the 90s X-Men cartoon, so I'm thinking I'll grab this for her. I doubt she has time to catch up on all the House/Powers stuff, so this will be an interesting way for her to experience some of the thrill, but with the versions of the characters she knows and loves.

This is one of the best adaptations of a short story I've come across. Kind of reminds me of that old I Am Legend Prestige format that - bringing it back around without even realizing it at first - Steve Niles did in the early 90s with Elman Brown. Just a solid retelling with some interesting tweaks thrown in here and there. 

I always start reading the Sandman Universe titles and never finish. We'll see how this one goes. One thing is for sure: I love me some Corinthian.


Ruby Friedman Orchestra - Gem
Walking Papers - The Light Below
Quicksand - Slip
Slow Crush - Hush
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
Television - Marquee Moon
Steve Moore - Bliss OST

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