Saturday, April 2, 2022

Immortal Funhouse


Goddamn if I don't still love every track on Deftones' 2012 (ten years!!!) Koi No Yokan.



Tobe Hooper's 1981 carnival-themed slasher flick Funhouse just came back to Shudder, and I had forgotten how insane this flick is. The third act climax alone is enough to leave me going, "Jesus, this is totally f*%king coo-coo. If you haven't seen this one - or if like me it'd been a while - it's definitely a good time to revisit.


I spent the latter half of this week completely enraptured by and re-reading the first issue of Kieron Gillen's Immortal X-Men

One of the things I liked least about this new, Krakoan era of the X-books is the change in the portrayal of Mr. Sinister. I have always been a HUGE fan of the old-school Sinister introduced in the Claremont-era of Uncanny, with his limited appearances enhancing his, well, sinister aspect. He reeked of dark schemes and unparalleled violence. Now, however, Sinister almost feels like comedic relief at times, and I experienced a considerable degree of cognitive dissonance at this new persona during HoX/PoX. However, Gillen has changed that with this issue, which is entirely from Sinister's perspective and drops the Godfather of all reveals in the book's final page. I literally exclaimed out loud when I reached the end, and have been picking at the ramifications ever since.


I've been so into this, I did something I never do - I took to youtube to try and find people talking about this. (I'll be honest, I'm so tempted to try and restart Drinking with Comics, call it the Immortal Drinking with Comics, and only talk about this, however, there's a host of reasons I can think of not to do that, so I'm staying on the sidelines and listening to others talk. So far, this is the best video I've found.


The Mysterines - Reeling
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
King Woman - Doubt EP
Cypress Hill - Back in Black
Perturbator - I Am the Night
U2 - The Joshua Tree
U2 - War
Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral
Entropy - Liminal
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Deafheaven - Infinite Granite
Jim Williams - Titane OST
Ministry - Moral Hygiene
David Bowie - Scary Monsters
Ghost - Impera
The Devil's Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre
Ghost - Infestissumam
The Besnard Lakes - ... Are the Roaring Night
Boy Harsher - Careful
Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher
Tears for Fears - The Tipping Point
Quicksand - Slip
Deftones - Koi No Yokan


Past: Making ideas actionable
Present: Continue to work at what I've put in motion
Future: The work isn't enough. This will require an inner guidance, known to most as intuition. 

Pretty spot-on with what I'm working on, which I believe is soon to reach its conclusion.

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