Monday, May 6, 2024

Black Pyramid - Bile, Blame and Blasphemy


A YouTube rabbit hole last night led me to discover Black Pyramid's music. The new album Paths of Time are Vast drops this Friday; this one is a fantastic entry into the Stoner/Doom set. You can pre-order the gorgeous vinyl edition over at Totem Cat Records HERE. I got mine!


Over the last three days, I've seen two flicks in the theatre. Both were fun as hell for totally different reasons. First up, The Fall Guy!

I grew up a big fan of the Lee Majors' tv show in the 80s, so I was interested right off the bat. Throw in Gosling and Blunt, and the fact that this was directed by Stunt Man David Leitch sealed the deal. Very fun flick! A little weird in the pacing, but I was never not entertained. 

Next up, Boy Kills World.


This flick is NUTS! Reminded me a bit of the same energy in Guns Akimbo, so if you dug that one, definitely check this one out. The action sequences are all pretty insane, but the final battle is one of the best-choreographed fights I've ever laid eyes on. 


Jim Williams - Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched OST
Jim Williams - Possessor OST
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Black Pyramid - Paths of Time are Vast
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