Thursday, May 30, 2024

New Music from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!

A second single from the forthcoming album Wild God, out August 30th. Pre-order HERE

This track is fantastic, but there's still something about every Bad Seeds record since Push the Sky Away that bothers me. I love the aforementioned Sky Away, which definitely ushered in an entirely new era for the band, but I kind of feel like they've been stuck in that mode ever since, with diminishing returns. Diminishing returns not because the music isn't great but because I guess I'm used to the boys changing their sound up every few records. I feel like, if one new record could just be something new, then these last few would really fall into place for me. Either way, one of the greatest artists and bands of all time, in my opinion. 


K and I did a double feature of Until the Light Takes Us and Lords of Chaos over the last two nights; I've seen both films several times, but they never fail to pack a punch.

It was especially interesting watching Jonas Åkerlund's Lords of Chaos again now, as we very recently watched his Netflix series Clark with Bill Skarsgård; some definite similarities.

Not sure if that really comes through in the trailer; however, Åkerlund always gets a recommendation from me, so if you have Netflix, Clark is definitely worth checking out. Also based on a real-life, larger-than-life personality and the "truth and lies" approach.


With all the running around I've been doing, it took me a way longer time to finish re-reading Stephen Graham Jones' Don't Fear the Reaper, but I did yesterday morning. Glorious. Next up - and I am excited - book three of the Indian Lake Trilogy:

Fifty pages in and this one has already made me tear up more than once. Jade Daniels is such an amazing, engrossing character, made so real by the mania for the genre a lot of us share. Can't recommend these books enough. 


The Raveonettes - Sing
Tim Hecker - Infinity Pool OST
Fantômas - Delirium Cordia
The Raveonettes - Chain Gang of Love
Ian Lynch - All You Need Is Death OST
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Wild God (pre-release singles)
Rodney Crowell - Triage
Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky


From Jonathan Grimm's Hand of Doom Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

• Five of Pentacles (Disks)
• Eight of Swords
• Four of Wands

Conflict, followed by transformation (possibly through just desserts), and finally stability. Shit man, that's life in a nutshell. 

How do I apply this to anything in my life right now? Like, today? Weeeelllll... I have a meeting later today with a transportation vendor that has been eating a lot of mental and emotional real estate. Feels like it might be conflict-heavy. I miss the old days, when you could just punch someone in the face. Maybe out of this, we'll achieve the stability we need to make my job a metric shit-ton easier.

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