Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Mysterines - Sink

 Out June 7th, you can pre-order the new album Afraid of Tomorrow HERE.


Another fantastic Wednesday means comics! Comics! COMICS! Let's get into this week's pull:

The return of James Tynion IV's The Deviant. I feel like this one is going to be a sleeper this year; I just don't know anyone else reading it, which may just be my limited world-slice. Let it just be said if you're not reading and you count yourself a Tynion fan, you're missing out. 

Apparently, this is simply a re-packaging of last Saturday's FCBD Energon Universe special, so I may have both sitting in my box at Rick's (I don't go anywhere near actual comic shops on FCBD anymore; haven't in years). I'm fine with having both, and I hear there are some juicy spoilers inside this one. The cover art alone gets us something we have not yet had in the line - Optimus vs. Megatron! Hell, the only time we've even seen ol' Megs is as Cobra Commander's prisoner/science experiment down in the murky depths of Cobra-La, so I'm betting this will explain how that happened and how Megatron lost both arms.

The penultimate issue of Laurence Campbell and Ram V's The One Hand. This and The Six Fingers have been the year's most delightful surprises so far; can't wait to see where these books end up.

LOVE this cover. 

Just end already. Jeez.


Over on Francis Ford Coppola's YouTube channel, the filmmaker released a "First Look" and official synopsis of his upcoming Megalopolis

The clip reveals nothing story-wise. That said, the elements of composition at play on the screen are gorgeous. Also of note is the score, as credited to Osvaldo Golijov, who appears to be fairly new to a project of this size. What we hear sounds awesome!

We've been hearing about this for years; if you double-click the video above and read the summary in the description field on YouTube, this sounds like an 84-year-old master bestowing his most ambitious project on the world. 


Alice in Chains - Facelift
Windhand - Eponymous
Turquoise Moon - The Sunset City
Calexico - Even Sure Things Fall Through
Trombone Shorty - For True


From Jonathan Grimm's Hand of Doom Tarot, which you can buy HERE.

• Three of Cups
• Six of Wands
• V: The Hierophant

In a nutshell, Threes points to Growth and Sixes to Support. The Hierophant often implies "something more;" read that as the Divine if you like; I see it more as Occult, or hidden, influences, similar to XVIII: The Moon. I'm looking at everything right now as pertaining to a stressful situation with work, and in that regard, there's more of a balm here than I would have anticipated. 

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