Sunday, July 30, 2023

Beaucoup Fish


I cracked out the Underworld the other day for a writing session and got to wondering where the seemingly found-sound sample at the beginning of Beaucoup Fish's track "Jumbo" came from. Leave it Reddit to supply an answer. From a Drowned in Sound interview with Karl Hyde from 2010, you can read all about it HERE (the specific reference to the sample is in the final paragraph of the interview).


I have this list of things friends recommend to me. I always feel a bit bad, because it sometimes takes me years to get around to a lot of it. But I do try to get around to as much of it as I can. Case in point: it's gotta be three years since Mr. Brown recommended HBO's Painting with John, a short-episode show where Lounge Lizards co-founder and Jim Jarmusch regular John Lurie pontificates on everything from New York to sunsets to Barry White, all while working on his iconic watercolor paintings. Here's a trailer:


I put this one last night when it was too late to start a movie, and K and I both kind of fell in love with the show. Lurie has fascinated me, ever since Mr. Brown gifted me No Pain For Cakes, the Lounge Lizards 1987 album that just hit me at the exact right time. Painting with John has kind of done exactly the same thing.


Jóhann Jóhannsson - Mandy OST
Haunt Me - Dying in Your Arms
Jed Kurzel - The Babadook OST
Jammes Luckett - May OST
Sandrider - Godhead
Metallica - 72 Seasons
Spotlights - Seance EP
A001 - Necro (single)
Brand New - Science Fiction
Underworld - Beaucoup Fish
Underworld - Riverrun Project
Godflesh - Purge
Secret Chiefs 3 - Le mani destre recise degli ultimi uomini
Naked Raygun - Over the Overlords
Etta James - Third Album
Low Cut Connie - Tough Cookies: Best of the Quarantine Broadcasts

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