Thursday, July 27, 2023

RIP Sinéad O'Connor

The most Punk Rock musician of the 80s and probably the 90s has passed away, and while I'm not a very active fan - I love her first two records, but they tend to emotionally destroy me, so they don't make it into regular rotation very often - I have long considered O'Connor one of the most important figures in modern music. Her passing feels like a death knell for music as a form of expression. Not the actual act of making and releasing it, but the philosophical aesthetics that go with it. Or, SHOULD go with it. Is there anyone today that would take the opportunity of a lifetime as a guest on the most watched pop culture tv show and use it to express their beliefs about the horrors being committed by major social institutions, all at the risk of destroying their career? I think not. 

I'm glad I got to see that infamous SNL performance live, when it aired, as well as her performance earlier in the evening of This is the Last Day of Our Acquaintance, the song/performance that, to a 14-year-old metal head, affected me in a way I wasn't able to understand until I was considerably older. 

RIP. As Kevin Smith would say, big bucket of win, Miss O'Connor. You traded your own stardom for the chance to make the world a better place. You are from a world that no longer exists.


About a year ago, I fell down a rabbit hole reading about Sinéad O'Connor. One of the things I found that really increased my already weighty respect for O'Connor was that, in 1995 when Late Night TV Discussion Forum After Dark did an episode titled "Ireland: Sex and Celibacy, Church and State", O'Connor called into the show to join the discussion, then took a taxi to the studio and joined in person ten minutes before the end of the program.

This just blows me away. This woman was the epitome of Punk Rock at a time when Punk rock was becoming a fashion statement. 


 Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Black Mirror: Black Museum OST
Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Sinéad O'Connor - I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got
Sinéad O'Connor - Lion and the Cobra
White Lung - Paradise
White Lung - Eponymous
Zeal & Ardor - Stranger Fruit
Metallica - Lux Aeturna (single)
Blackbraid - Blackbraid II
Death Grips - No Love Deep Web 

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