Monday, July 3, 2023

New Noise


Besides just being an awesome track, if you're watching FX's The Bear, you're probably picking up what I'm putting down.

From 1998's The Shape of Punk to Come, a veritable classic of that era.


Easily my favorite show at the moment, FX's The Bear returned recently and K and I just caught up by rewatching season one. 

This is the most "Chicago" anything I've ever seen. I know these people - Richie Jerimovich is one of my best friends, Cicero (Oliver fucking Platt!) is every other middle-aged man I met through friends and family in the 80s - I mean, it's freaking uncanny. It's also one of the most honest narratives about loss, drive and passion I've ever seen. 


I'm about 100 pages into my re-read of Stephen Graham Jones's My Heart is a Chainsaw. If you're a Horror fan and you haven't read this, you're missing out on your new favorite novel:

Chainsaw's protagonist, Jade Daniels, is one of the most relatable and magnetic final girls of all time. Also, what a wonderful experience, reading a book that puts you so deep inside the mind of a High School kid who is obsessed with Horror, specifically Slashers, so much so that she interprets the arrival of a new girl at her high school in Proofrock, ID as the arrival of a Final Girl and the beginning of her town's own Slasher Cycle. There are reasons historic to the town that prompt this theory, but as SGJ is so damn good at, we're so awash in Jade's inner thoughts that we're never quite sure if she's just a bored and obsessed teenager or if there's actually something to what she's saying to anyone who will listen. 

Can't wait to finish this and go directly into the sequel, this year's Don't Fear the Reaper!


Ruby the Hatchet - Fear Is a Cruel Master
Various - Twin Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series)
Ruby the Hatchet - Planetary Space Child
Screaming Females - Desire Pathway
God is LSD - Spirit of Suicide
Jim Williams - Possessor OST
Radiohead - OK Computer
The Body - No One Deserves Happiness
A001 - Necro (single)
Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
Flying Lotus - Yasuke
Ariel - Molten Young Lovers
Witchfinder - Hazy Rites
Perturbator - Dangerous Days
Forhist - Eponymous
The Body - I Shall Die Here/Earth Triumphant
Secret Chiefs 3 & Traditionalists - Le mani destre recise degli ultimi uomini
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Rein - Reincarnated
Grimes - Art Angels
Gram Rabbit - Music to Start a Cult To
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - PetroDragonic Apocalypse
Sylvaine - Nova


• Ace of Disks - Breakthrough in Earthly concerns
• Seven of Disks - Failure - A difficult period in modern life
• Princess of Disks - Fortification; Frugal

All Disks? Well, this really splits the difference between warning and encouragement, but I get the overall gist, just hope it's not too late - STOP SPENDING MONEY!!!


I've come up with a better way to post my 'time card' here. Check this out:

Didn't take me much time either, which is good, because when I instituted this a few weeks back, it quickly became apparent I was spending time on reporting that I could have been spending on actually writing. I've known people who do things like this instead of write - it can have a pretty negative impact on the process overall.

As for the time, it's still not where I want it. I took yesterday off completely so I could edit the new episode of The Horror Vision - up in the widget to the right at the top of the page - and hang with K. Another important thing to remember in all this, is to maintain a life/work balance. Considering I worked 40 hours last week at the day job and recorded and edited a podcast, 15 hours isn't bad.

But I need more. 

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