Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ghost BC - Stream Infestissumam

Pitchfork has had this up for at least a week, but after going to metal sucks and seeing this handy dandy little spotify widget at the tail end of a post with highlights from the band's recent Reddit AMA, I had to add it here as well. I received my copy of Infestissumam today via my lovely wife and it really is wonderful. I like it better than the first record, Opus Eponymous. Really great and the final track, Monstrance Clock, is vying for my favorite on the record (at this time). Here's what metal sucks quoted wikipedia for definition of Monstrance Clock:

"The Monstrance clock, or mirror clock, developed during the Renaissance. The monstrance was a cross-shaped gold or silver vessel which played an important part in church ritual and often incorporated sacred figures as part of the design. The clock made use of a rotating ball at the top or in the base to indicate the time of day. Monstrance clocks and crucifix clocks remained fashionable until the eighteenth century."

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