Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vindsval's The Eye

Let's trace the origin of a post like this, not just because someone out there might find it interesting, but because I'll find it interesting, as I've been a pretty rabid Blut Aus Nord fan for about two years now but have never heard of Vindsval's The Eye before.

Okay, so first, as I do at least once a day, I went to the wonderful heavenisanincubator blogspot and read up one a bunch of music I'd never heard before. Good times on The Incubator - always. Anyway, I found a post about Kylesa's Vulture's Landing and was specifically interested by The Incubator's description of Kylesa's sound as containing a "shoegaze" element. I followed the embedded link to Kylesa's label Season of Mist (if I'd be really paying attention it would have dawned on me that I was onto something, as I just re-read Neil Gaiman's Sandman vol. 4 Seasons of Mist and once again it has remained a slowly disintegrating echo in my head since). I looked around Season of Mist's sight for a few minutes, noting various bands on the label and then with the shoegaze + metal thing did what it always does and triggered me to go google search Blut Aus Nord - specifically looking for their label, Debemur Morti Productions' site. No matter where I go to read about Blut Aus Nord and their principal founder/creator Vindsval I always find something new, especially on DMP's site. And low and behold there it was - news that a sequel to the above-embedded album - written and performed entirely by Vindsval from what I've been able to find - 1997's Supremacy by The Eye.

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Tommy said...

First, thank you for the continued shout-outs...it's nice to know that anyone is reading.

Second, I love Blut Aus Nord, so kudos for mentioning them.

And third, thanks for cluing me into The Eye. I had not heard it before, and it's fantastic.