Monday, April 8, 2013

National Twin Peaks Day!!!

So I had no idea but today is apparently national Twin Peaks day. Thank You to my good friend Missi for informing me of this. To celebrate I'm sitting in a coffee shop, drinking damn good black coffee and thinking about maybe stopping at the market afterward to buy a pie. The above picture is from a website I just found called Welcome to Twin Peaks. It's pretty awesome.

Back in 2000 Mr. Brown, myself and our friends Two Foot and The Cap'm drove across country, from Chicago to the areas where the show was filmed. It was the - I believe - sixth year of the event. We got to drink and hang out with some of the stars and I watched my friend Two Foot threaten to beat Jacques Renault's ass (the guy was a dick - probably from Leo kicking his ass all the time). Some day I'll right it all down, it was pretty odd, as a Twin Peaks fest should be.

They are having a new iteration of the festival this year. You can read about it/book tickets here. I'm not one hundred percent certain this event is put on by the same folks who did the one we went to - the guys who used to publish the wonderful and strange Wrapped in Plastic magazine, but it'd probably still be a cool event to go to. Especially because Washington state is just so damn beautiful.

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