Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Destroy Angels out in the Desert

While HTDA's first full-length release Welcome Oblivion disappointed me a bit when I purchased it and found most of the contents of their previous EP on it, I still really like the band. I love pretty much everything Mr. Reznor has ever done and Atticus Ross is just a freakin' genius, has been since I learned to spell his name back when Barry Adamson's MASTERPIECE As Above, So Below came out and I rabidly memorized the liner notes as it left its first of many deep, invigorating impressions on my soul.


Every image I've seen of HTDA live has been a thing of beauty - their stage lighting/set-up is nothing short of amazing and looks as though it would fit their music perfectly. Thanks to Pitchfork for linking this, hopefully more will surface.

And despite the disappointment, Welcome Oblivion is still a great piece of music.

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